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The Liberal Media's Pathetic Attempt to Defend Alvin Bragg

The Liberal Media's Pathetic Attempt to Defend Alvin Bragg

The Liberal Media's Pathetic Attempt to Defend Alvin Bragg
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Conservative media has been highly critical of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg in the wake of rumors that he may indict Donald Trump on questionable charges. In addition to being backed by George Soros, Bragg was determined to prosecute Donald Trump on any charges he could find. In contrast, the liberal mainstream media has predictably defended Bragg.

For example, MSNBC blasted Republican efforts to investigate Bragg for abusing his power, laughably claiming that a close read of the letter from Reps. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), Bryan Steil (R-Wisc.), and James Comer (R-Ky.) to Bragg accusing him of unprecedented abuse of prosecutorial authority “shows how flimsy the rationale for the GOP’s latest round of ‘investigate the investigator’ really is.”

Yeah, sure. Other networks similarly published pieces propping up Bragg and suggesting that his case against Trump was solid. But Politico really embarrassed itself when it published an article on Monday that not only praised Bragg but described him in the headline as a by-the-book DA.

By-the-book? Really? The article goes to great lengths to make Bragg sound like a hero who manages to stay above the fray of politics and dismisses allegations that he’s soft on crime. But other publications don’t even pretend that Bragg gives a hoot about the rule of law. In fact, Newsweek recently acknowledged how Bragg has made it very clear that his goal has been to reduce prosecutions.

“Just days after he was sworn in, Bragg issued a memo saying that he would not prosecute a list of crimes — including prostitution, trespassing, resisting arrest, and most misdemeanors — in the interest of ‘safety and fairness’ while noting racial disparities in incarceration, he walked back some of the memo under pressure one month later, but his critics say his measures have encouraged crime,” the publication reported.

“Bragg’s position on law enforcement is in the mold of other Georg Soros-backed DAs, including Kim Foxx in Chicago, George Gascon, who survived a recall effort in Los Angeles, and Chesa Boudin, the San Francisco DA who was successfully recalled,” Newsweek continued. “Soros, a billionaire progressive philanthropist, helped fund their elections through various non-profits and political action committees. In the case of Bragg, the progressive PAC, Color of Change, backed by Soros according to, donated about $500,000 to Bragg’s campaign.”

Does this sound like a “by-the-book” prosecutor? Bragg’s reluctance to bring charges against criminals is well documented, and CNN admitted that Bragg “has aggressively pursued Trump and other progressive priorities so far in his tenure, including not prosecuting some low-level crimes and finding alternatives to incarceration.”

As Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla.) noted this week, as district attorney, Bragg “downgraded over 50% of the felonies to misdemeanors” and “doesn’t want to even have jail time for the vast, vast majority of crimes.”

Yet, according to Politico, we’re supposed to believe Bragg is some honest prosecutor who is not only above politics but has selflessly subjected himself to the meanness of Trump.

“Now, in Trump, Bragg faces what may be his most challenging adversary, as the low-key, politics-averse prosecutor prepares to take on the brash, mudslinging former president.”

The Democratic Party has become notoriously soft on crime, particularly in recent years, and Bragg is no different. Despite this, Politico expects us to swallow the lie that he’s a principled prosecutor. The truth is, Bragg’s only target is Donald Trump, who hasn’t even broken the law. It’s a pathetic attempt to distract from skyrocketing crime in his jurisdiction and appease the left-wing base.

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