Sunday, March 12, 2023

Mollie Hemingway: "We Are In An Information War, And It's Being Waged By Government Agencies"

Mollie Hemingway: "We Are In An Information War, And It's Being Waged By Government Agencies"

QUESTION: Big Tech's role in at least trying to keep the blankets on the bed, keep this covered up as long as they could, that is obviously going to be a part of the investigation. Can we hold them accountable too?

MOLLIE HEMINGWAY: This is such a massive problem, the role that Big Tech has in suppressing freedom of speech and freedom of debate, and truly election meddling. There's no question every American had the right to know what the Biden family business was doing and what it was involved in.

It was not just most members of the media did nothing to investigate it, it is when one brave newspaper, the New York Post, did get the goods on this and began reporting it.

There was this concerted effort, a conspiracy, a collusion, to shut this down and many people should be held accountable. I do not know exactly what that means, but people need to stop giving the propaganda press legitimacy. They are actively harming the country. They do not have the right to harm us in this way. People who are victims of this should stop giving them any legitimacy whatsoever.

Something needs to be done about big tech and, frankly, the typical conservative response is insufficient. Typically, Conservatives will say there's nothing we can do about this destruction of the country because they are a private company. No, they're more like another country. They are like another government. And they are so powerful and have such an outsize effect on the freedom of our elections, on the security of our elections, and on our ability to be free people and debate the truth, something must be done. I sure hope your colleagues are going to wake up and realize something needs to be done there.

Another part of it is we have all sorts of agencies involved in this conspiracy to suppress conservative debate and information. We have had some reporting recently about "Disinformation Inc." It is a global, billionaire funded operation to say that if you are the New York Times and you lie for years about the Russian collusion hoax, you are "good media," and if you expose with the New York Times is doing, you cannot be trusted.

They give that information to advertisers and other people, like search engines, and it ends up being the New York Times gets to grow and conservative media is declining.

We are in an information war, and it’s being waged by government agencies, they are funding some of these things. And so that’s another area that really needs to be taken on if we want to have even any hope of being free people.

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