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Why Republicans Shouldn't Take the Bait and Make the Midterms a Referendum on Trump

Why Republicans Shouldn't Take the Bait and Make the Midterms a Referendum on Trump

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Following President Biden’s address from Philadelphia last week, Mark Meckler, president of Convention of States Action, has advice for Republicans. He wants party leadership and candidates to buckle down on messaging about issues Americans care about. “There are people who might disagree with me, but I don’t really want to hear about Mar-a-Lago and the raid,” Meckler declared. “That’s not going to help Republicans. If you make this an election for or against Donald Trump, we’re not going to do that well.”

Meckler agrees the raid was horrible and intends to speak out about it. However, he feels it should not be the central issue in the election. Democrats are desperately trying to make November a referendum on Trump by the slow drip of news about the raid and the January 6 committee. Meckler warns Republicans not to take the bait. President Trump is not on the ballot. According to Meckler, November needs to be a referendum on President Biden’s record. Republicans should hang it like a weight around the electoral chances of any Democrat who voted lockstep with his agenda.

“This needs to be about the economy. About freedom. About the fact Democrats are fascists. About the idea that they are trying to impose pornography and bizarre gender-bending stuff on our little children. That is the stuff that resonates with Americans across the board,” he said. Meckler firmly believes the fundamentals dramatically favor Republicans. If they talk about the economy, crime, and the crazy, woke policies invading all of our institutions, they will win. Meckler says if they stray, they risk losing.

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President Biden’s address in Philadelphia underscored the attempt to put Trump in the middle of the November ballot. Politico reports that President Biden’s speech was months in the making. According to their sources, Biden started planning to give a speech about threats to our democracy in June. As if a man who can barely get out a coherent sentence and shakes hands with people who are not there is capable of that kind of pre-planning. Whenever Biden’s staff began to plan the event, it appears the speech will go down in history as the most divisive in modern politics.

One of the worst aspects of the event was the visuals. After reviewing the photos several times to ensure the visuals were as bad as he first thought, Meckler concluded that he had never seen an American president look more dictatorial and fascistic. While he thinks the visuals may be an unfortunate error, they aligned with what he calls an incredibly fascist speech. “Whoever on his [Biden’s] team thought that black and red and making him look like a Nazi dictator was a good idea, that person ought to be removed,” observed Meckler.

“I’m done with nuance. This is the new fascist Democrat Party of America,” Meckler asserted. “This is what they are. They are espousing fascism. They accuse others of fascism when they don’t even know the definition.” Meckler continued, “Mussolini said fascism is everything inside the state, nothing outside the state, and nothing against the state.” According to Meckler, it does not make sense when Biden and leading Democrats apply the label to conservatives or Republicans. Right-leaning Americans want the federal government to do less.

“When you look at what Democrats are doing, they believe everything is within the purview of the state and nothing is outside the reach of the state. And clearly, with what we’re seeing with all the government censorship and the crackdowns on people who don’t believe what they believe, they also believe nothing can be against the state,” Meckler noted.

“Certainly in my lifetime at least, no Republican president has ever spoken of the American people in the way that Joe Biden did, ” Meckler said. “Accusing 50% of the American people of being a threat to democracy. That is the language of fascism. When you accuse your fellow citizens of being a threat to the very system of governance that sustains your country.”

Meckler still sees an Article V Convention that returns power to the states as a way to reduce the divisions in the country. He acknowledges that a Convention of States will not happen right away. For now, Meckler wants Republicans and conservatives to focus on electing people to push back against the encroaching authoritarianism and work to limit the scope of government. “We’re doing a decent job of that at the state level,” Meckler pointed out. Red states are becoming redder and protecting individual freedoms from an intrusive federal government.

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“There are structural changes needed to inoculate us on a permanent basis from the rise of fascism in America,” Meckler said. While he acknowledges that human nature trends toward totalitarianism, Meckler believes the limits on power achieved through a Convention of States could reset the system of governance to its primary purpose: protecting its citizens’ rights.

As Biden’s message trickles down to New York Governor Kathy Hochul telling Republicans to leave the state and Florida gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist saying Ron DeSantis voters have hate in their hearts, Meckler acknowledges it might help them get votes. “But for the health of our republic, it’s a terrible message. It’s a dehumanizing message. And it is a message that throughout history has quite often led to genocide.”

Meckler pointed out that Biden got elected by saying he would unify the county. “There are, in fact, two ways to unify a country. One is that you come together around the things you believe in, draw people in, and get them working together. That’s one form of unity. Another form of unity is a purge. You purge the people who disagree with you. You squeeze them out of the system. You persecute them, imprison them, and silence them. Anyone left speaking is unified. That’s one way to get unity. That appears to be the unity the Democrat party is seeking right now.”

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