Thursday, September 29, 2022

The GOP Is Expecting Payback Post-2022

The GOP Is Expecting Payback Post-2022

by Kurt Schlichter

|Simply put, we deplorable semi-fascist monsters who are racist no matter what color we are or whether we actually are racist, and who merely built, fed, fueled and defended this country, want our pound of flesh from the progressives who have screwed with us. Maybe two pounds, or for sissy metric system people, round it up to a kilogram. The House redo on the Contract with America is fine, I guess, but we all know that a GOP Congress can’t pass laws without Gumby in the White House signing the bills, and that is not happening. Yet we still want action. More specifically, we want vengeance, and if we help the Republicans take Congress in 2022, we better see some payback pronto.

Yes, I know that the loser Fredocons whose total failure to exact a price for the escalating series of outrages that the leftist weirdos, losers, and mutations have imposed upon us will cry and wet themselves more than usual if we even consider righteous retaliation. We’re supposed to play nice and turn the other cheek, but the base is not in a turning the other cheek mood. It is in the mood to plant the sole of a combat boot in our enemy’s cheek, and not a cheek adjacent to its jaw.

Payback, revenge, retaliation – these are vital components of a civilized society because the need for score settling is inherent in human nature. A normal person simply cannot abide with being done a wrong and not receiving satisfaction. Normal people are not wired that way, and to expect them to do so is ridiculous, particularly for conservatives who are supposed to have a jaundiced view of human nature anyway as something unchangeable and tragic. It is unjust. Justice cannot tolerate bad people doing bad things then skipping away singing tra-la-la-la-la while we just take it.

And do not let the Twitter theologians tell you that the Bible is anti-payback; that is more of the hippy-dippy crap that pictures Jesus as some sort of Birkenstock-wearing, man-bunned socialist instead of the uncompromising firebrand who drove the moneychangers out of the temple with a stick. Look, I grew up a California Methodist, so I have only a glancing acquaintance with actual Christian teaching, but I can read. Romans 12:19, in the King James Version, provides: “Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.” That’s not about forgoing vengeance but outsourcing it. There’s going to be some vengeance.

Repayment is necessary, and its absence is the reason our institutions are failing. The threat of punishment keeps bad people in check. You cannot allow bad acts to go unpunished because the wrongdoer ends up rewarded for wrongdoing. Quick, fellow capitalists, what happens when something is rewarded? Duh. You get more of it. 

So, if you want more of these outrages leveled against us, left them slide. You’ll get more. And Conservative, Inc., has let them slide, and we’ve got much, much more.

But, as we have seen, people cannot tolerate others getting over on them and the GOP base is about all tolerated out. When they are forced to do so, they lose faith in their leaders who refuse to deal harshly with people who screw with us. 

In our society, you see this in play in the massive unaccountability of our institutions. It’s like the entire ruling caste got together and made an agreement – no one in the club gets held accountable for anything. That’s why you see the regime media refuse to do its job and report on the corruption of the powerful. You see incompetent and venal institutional leaders get promoted instead of punished – quick, give me the name of someone, anyone, court-martialed, relieved, or fired for that clusterfark in Kabul. You see federal law enforcement refusing to enforce laws against favored groups, like BLM scumbags, antifa terrorists, and meth-addled perverts who sprang from the gonads of our senile President Crusty. 

Which brings us to Congress. Let’s focus on the House to illustrate the point. That hideous harridan Pelosi impeached our president twice. She hassled Republicans about masks. She turned the Capitol Police on our people. She lied about our pols, and about us in the base. And her move to exclude non-traitor Republicans from the January 6th Kangaroo Kommittee shattered the norms regarding the rights of the minority party. Moreover, she allowed this mob to persecute both serving GOP members and countless Republicans who dared contest the garbage 2020 election.

This cannot go unanswered.

She and the Democrat caucus that enabled her evil acts must pay. And that payment will be due the minute the new GOP Speaker gets sworn in. Moreover, we in the base expect the House leadership to collect.

Kevin McCarthy must be our avenging angel, if he wants to keep the base and his majority.

Remember – the goal is to both demonstrate to the base that justice will be done while striking fear in the hearts of our enemies so they never screw with us this way again.

First, post some heads on pikes. Toots Swalwell and Adam “Don’t Look at My Browser History” Schiff need to be fired from their committees. No assignments for them.

Second, inflict your iron discipline in a manner that would make the kinkiest Bulwark staffer tingle. Every ranking Democrat on every committee gets thrown off. That’s years of patient toil and waiting to reach the top flushed down the toilet. Why? Because they let Pelosi screw with the GOP, and since she’s not going to be there, they get to pay for not stopping her.

Third, fire the entire Capitol Police leadership. They were Pelosi’s personal Stasi. That cannot stand.

Fourth, deal the pain by outlawing trading stocks, insider trading, and the other financial shenanigans that let Dems become multi-zillionaires on a $174K per year salary.

Fifth, hold oversight committee meetings on the road out in America instead of in the Capitol. That way, when Democrat administration flunkies lie, a US Attorney in a venue outside of DC can charge them with perjury after DeSantis or Trump takes over in 2024. No more DC juries giving free passes to Democrats.

Sixth, since the House can’t do much legislating anyway with Crusty McDaddyshowers vetoing everything, impeach the Biden flunkies one after another. First, the guy who is supposed to run the border but hasn’t, then Merrick Garland, then finally Mr. 10% for the Big Guy.

Do these actions break the norms? No, because there are no norms. The Democrats saw to that, and now they need to suffer for it. Time for some righteous payback.

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