Monday, September 19, 2022




It is remarkable that, with the example of Europe before us, and with blackouts in California and Texas in the immediate past, our masters are plunging ahead with plans to do away with fossil fuels in favor of solar and wind energy. I have written many times about what folly this is, and won’t repeat those arguments here. Instead, something new.

Minnesota’s far-left Governor Tim Walz has proposed to make 100% of Minnesota’s electricity–not all energy, just electricity–carbon-free by 2040. Of course, he and his backers had no idea what would be required to meet that goal when they announced it. But my organization’s energy experts know how to do the math. They have just released a report that calculates the cost of that one “green” initiative.

Their conclusion: the 100% carbon-free electricity plan would cost $313 billion and would still lead to blackouts.

Please take a moment to at least scroll through the report. Its logic is compelling and its calculations are transparent. It is 65 pages of charts, graphs, data and analysis. No one will try to refute it. No one can.

And this is just one tiny slice, a relatively insignificant one, of the catastrophic “green” future that liberals are trying to inflict on us. That future will never arrive; the laws of physics don’t permit it. But the countless trillions of dollars in wealth that will be destroyed, if liberals continue to dominate politically, will have disastrous consequences.

I think a global economic meltdown is possible as a result of “green” fantasies. I don’t mean just a recession or garden-variety depression, I mean a collapse in which homes can’t be heated, lights don’t go on, agriculture is devastated resulting in acute food shortages, a generation’s accumulated wealth vanishes, civilization begins to break down, and hundreds of millions of people–maybe more–may die. “Green” energy doesn’t mean unicorns and fairies frolicking in meadows. It means grim, fatal dystopia.

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