Friday, September 23, 2022

Jill Biden Thinks It's Un-American To Oppose Porn in School Libraries

Jill Biden Thinks It's Un-American To Oppose Porn in School Libraries

AP Photo/Steve Helber

Schools nationwide contain inappropriate and sometimes pornographic materials in their libraries, often under the guise of “inclusivity.” Thankfully, states like Florida are empowering parents to have more input over materials and curricula, and parents are starting to fight back against  subversive and obscene materials being made available to their children.

And First Lady Jill Biden doesn’t like it one bit. In an interview with NBC News correspondent Sheinelle Jones, she argued that parents shouldn’t be able to exclude any books from school libraries.

“Parents and politicians are now weighing in on what books should be in our school libraries, and what their kids are being taught,” Jones began “Where’s the line, in your opinion, with how much of a say parents have when it comes to what their kids are learning in school? Is there a balance between, you know, ‘This book should be in the library, this book is under review—”

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“All books should be in the library,” Jill said, cutting off Jones before she could finish her question. “All books. This is America. We don’t ban books.”

Either Jill Biden is ignorant of what kind of materials are being made available to young children, or she doesn’t care. We’ve previously covered the kind of pornographic materials that have been put in school libraries, some of which promote sexual activity of minors. But, Dr. Jill thinks it’s un-American to want to make sure children aren’t exposed to sexually graphic materials that groom them for pedophiles. Those damn un-American prudes who don’t want porn in schools!

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