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The FBI appears content with its role as the enforcement arm of the Democratic Party, somewhat like–although, so far, not as bad as–the role the Ku Klux Klan played years ago. The Mar-a-Lago raid was a low point, but the FBI has followed up with more intimidation tactics. Subpoenas reportedly have been served on dozens of Republicans, apparently fishing for some evidence of a connection to the almost entirely peaceful protest in Washington on January 6, 2021.

The day after Joe Biden’s notorious Nuremberg speech, three armed FBI agents visited the home of a New Jersey woman named Lisa Gallagher. Why? The FBI had an anonymous tip that Gallagher had something to do with the January 6 demonstration. She also had a pro-Trump sign on her lawn:

A New Jersey woman who voiced her support for former President Trump on Facebook said Monday that three FBI agents showed up at her home last month claiming to have an anonymous tip connecting her to the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, despite her having no involvement.
“I was terrified. I’ll be honest with you, when my daughter woke me up telling me there were three armed FBI officers at my door, I thought she was joking. I immediately tried to throw [on] clothes. I called my husband, I was crying, my knees were shaking. And even though I knew I had done nothing wrong, after seeing Joe Biden’s speech the night before, I thought, ‘Oh my God, this is political.’”

She was right, of course.

“I have subsequently called the FBI office in Newark to document or know for sure that it really was FBI agents at my home. It was. They said it was an anonymous tip, but they won’t tell me anything else.”

Such is life in Joe Biden’s America. If I send the FBI an anonymous tip that someone was involved in the infinitely more destructive Black Lives Matter/Antifa riots, will they send three armed agents to his or her door?

Then we have the case of the My Pillow guy, Mike Lindell. He was en route from Iowa to his home in the Twin Cities and pulled into a Hardee’s drive-through in Mankato, whereupon he was surrounded by FBI agents. As far as I know, no one has disputed Lindell’s account:

“I open my door and I say, ‘Who are you?’ And he says, ‘We’re FBI,'” Lindell recalled on his show, the Lindell Report. He said the FBI agents showed him their badges upon request and told him to pull over.

“He goes, ‘We’re taking your cellphone. We have a warrant for your cellphone.’ I go, ‘No.’ I said, ‘My whole company, I run five companies off of that. I don’t have a computer. My hearing aids run off of this. Everything runs off of my phone,'” Lindell said. “I said, ‘If I don’t give it to you, will you arrest me then?” At that point, the agents apparently handed him the search warrant for his phone.

Lindell said he was advised by his lawyer, whom he was allowed to call, to hand over his phone to the FBI.

What is Lindell’s offense? He is a friend of, and donor to, President Trump, and he has argued that the 2020 election was marred by serious improprieties. Which I think is indisputably true, although my list of improprieties would be different from Lindell’s. But why is this any of the FBI’s business? Will they want my cell phone next? Or yours?

Finally–for the moment–the FBI’s role in the worst scandal in American history, the Russia collusion hoax, seems to be expanding. It turns out that both Christopher Steele, the fabricator of the Steele report on behalf of the Hillary Clinton campaign, and Igor Danchenko, the employee of a left-wing think tank who supposedly was the chief source for Steele’s dossier, but turned out to know nothing about it, were paid FBI informants. Every time you think you have gotten to the bottom of the Russia collusion hoax, it turns out to be worse than you thought.

I don’t see how the FBI, in anything like its present form, can be salvaged. The bureau has been so thoroughly politicized, so corruptly placed at the disposal of one of our political parties, that it has lost the confidence of most Americans who pay attention. It will take legislation to abolish or drastically reform the FBI, but that should be a goal when Republicans retake control of Congress.

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