Friday, September 9, 2022

'Joe's on the Comeback Trail' Narrative Takes Serious Hit in Key New Polling Numbers

'Joe's on the Comeback Trail' Narrative Takes Serious Hit in Key New Polling Numbers

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If one listens to mainstream media and Democrat narratives, President Joe Biden is on a comeback of sorts after several successive months of plummeting poll numbers and the rampant Democrat infighting that spilled over into the public sphere over the last year or so ostensibly due in part to policy disagreements between Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema and Biden.

The reasons cited for Biden’s supposedly impressive “comeback” (which amounts to a roughly five point approval rating rise in recent weeks, which now puts him in the low 40s on average), are the CNN-described “string of wins” he scored over the summer including the passing – and signing – of the bogusly named “Inflation Reduction Act.” Gas prices are also inching down, and the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade is being credited with a supposed “surge” in Democrat enthusiasm ahead of the fall midterm elections.

Underneath it all, however, is the elephant in the room in the form of independent voters, who have been abandoning Biden in droves since the Afghanistan debacle and who haven’t reversed course even in the midst of Biden’s so-called summer “victories.”

As further evidence, take a look at the latest YouGov poll, which shows Biden’s support with the crucial independent voting bloc continuing to crater, hitting new lows down the home stretch:

And to think this poll was taken *before* Biden’s grotesque “Dark Brandon” speech from last Thursday.

In addition to that, in mid-August the GOP was already bouncing back after general polling numbers showed a slight uptick for Democrats including Biden. A late August Reuters poll also put Biden back at their “near low” for polling.

Because Biden and the DNC have been panicking about the possibility that Democrats won’t show up in the numbers they need to blunt Republican momentum, they’ve tried to use the Dobbs decision to their advantage with their rabid base of voters and then moved to shore up support with Biden’s illegal, unilateral, politically-convenient move on student loan forgiveness, the latter of which has caused a mutiny of sorts in his own party.

Unfortunately for Basement Biden, his legislative “wins,” the Supreme Court’s decision on abortion, and his dictatorial student debt relief plan have not moved the needle with the independent voters he and his party desperately need to put them over the top come November in order to avoid the GOP retaking the House and possibly the Senate as well.

And in light of Biden’s offensive, hate-filled “Dark Brandon” speech, I anticipate his numbers will only get worse in the weeks to come because Biden is showing no signs of letting up on his “MAGA Republican” diatribes, and if there’s one thing independent voters have been consistent about over the years it is a major disdain for purported “party leaders” using their offices and vast political power to ruthlessly demonize an entire swath of the electorate.

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