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Democrats Are Quite Comfortable Being Violent Extremists

Democrats Are Quite Comfortable Being Violent Extremists

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I don’t know about most of you, but I lead tame life for a guy who is supposed to be a violent extremist. Sure, I yelled a lot at the college football game last Saturday night but there has been a decided lack of setting things on fire, rioting, or plotting my next move as one of the greatest dangers to America.

The Democrats’ ongoing fairy tale about the nonexistent right-wing domestic threat is on my last nerve now, especially since we all know that the real dark evil in this country is lurking on the left. It’s not even on the fringes. A couple of weeks ago we saw the president of the United States deliver an unhinged screed and declare ideological war on half the voters in the country.

As we’ve mentioned here, many of the citizens of this great Republic aren’t wowed by Old Joe’s lack of control over his anger issues. Ryan wrote yesterday that the bad news about that for the Democrats just keeps rolling in:

The speech was divisive, disturbing, and downright scary, and Biden set out to paint “MAGA Republicans” as true enemies of the state. While it might have worked to some small degree among the radical factions of the left, a bombshell new poll has revealed that a majority of Americans — politics aside — believe that Biden’s nasty, evil speech was terrible form.

new Harvard CAPS-Harris Poll published exclusively at The Hill revealed that a whopping 60% of Americans believe Biden’s speech “divided the country and set it back.” In comparison, only 40% believed his speech “united the nation and moved it forward.”

But wait, it gets worse — for Biden. Fifty-six percent of respondents said they opposed Biden’s speech, and 44% supported it. Those aren’t the numbers an underwater-polling president needs so close to a major election.

Democrats aren’t big on learning from their mistakes these days. Paula has this from the Senate race in Ohio:

But until this week, Ryan was running a disciplined campaign and had even distanced himself from Biden in order to gain the support of Republican and independent voters. Polling shows the race in a virtual tie, with Vance edging out Ryan in the RealClear Politics average by just 2.3 points, a month out from the start of early voting in the state. Ryan’s internal polling must be much worse, because on Tuesday, he turned a sharp corner and went full Joe Biden, lashing out at Trump supporters on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

“We have to kill and confront [the MAGA] movement,” Ryan told host Willie Geist, adding that only “normal mainstream Republicans” are worth working with. He said this moments after (laughably) proclaiming that he’s “one of the most bipartisan members of Congress” and insisting, “I want to work across the aisle.”

Calling for the death of a movement that represents roughly half of America doesn’t seem like a good strategy if you’re touting your bipartisan bonafides, yet Ryan went there.

Yes, these are the same Democrats who love to blame “Republican rhetoric” for every crime under the sun. A picture of a target on a mailer from Sarah Palin was once blamed for a mass shooting.

Democrats have a lot of things to be angry about these days, to be sure. Biden’s mask is slipping more often, and they are having difficulty pretending that he’s functional. The strain of lying to themselves about this train wreck economy has to be taking its toll as well.

We know that they don’t have the guts to act up in red states and cities, but the commie places are probably ramping up for some election time powderkeg action. The Dems do love a good riot to deflect from their failures.

The domestic threat from violent extremists is very real. What’s really scary about that is that most of them are in the Biden administration.

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