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House Dems Target New Narrative 'Deniers' for Persecution

House Dems Target New Narrative 'Deniers' for Persecution

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Even though Americans allegedly have a Constitutional right to the freedom of speech, Democrats have been hard at work suppressing that right and persecuting those who dare contradict their precious narratives. Here are a few of their greatest hits:

  • President Obama’s IRS famously denied approval for conservatives to form political action non-profits.
  • Citizens who didn’t quite trust the safety or effectiveness of the novel coronavirus “vaccine,” forced masking, and shutdowns were booted from social media, while outspoken scientists were ostracized over it.
  • Sitting President Donald Trump was kicked off social media platform Twitter for questioning the integrity of the highly irregular 2020 election.
  • Americans who dare question that election are routinely kicked out of their social media accounts; those who actively protest face visits from federal law enforcement, even arrest and imprisonment.
  • Americans who won’t use preferred pronouns or enthusiastically agree that men can get pregnant face consequences ranging from social media deplatforming to loss of work.

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Now, the totalitarians in the Democrat-controlled House have begun an investigation (aka harassment) of a new group of recalcitrant naysayers: Public Relations companies that have the audacity to work for fossil fuel companies and blaspheme against the Church of Climate Change. On Wednesday, the House Natural Resources Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations will meet to “investigate” messaging professionals who, the open-minded lawmakers have already decided, are guilty of spreading “misinformation” of the “climate change denial” variety.

Climate and Energy outlet E&E News reported Monday:

Democrats plan to tear into the fossil fuel industry during a pair of House hearings this week.

The House Natural Resources Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations will meet Wednesday as part of its ongoing investigation of public relations firms’ role in spreading climate change denial.

Natural Resources Chair Raúl Grijalva (D-Ariz.) and subcommittee Chair Katie Porter (D-Calif.) have been seeking documents from several companies detailing their work for fossil fuel companies and industry trade associations.

They have also threatened to subpoena FTI Consulting Inc. over what they called a “blanket refusal to provide even the most basic information about its clients or descriptions of the grounds for its refusal beyond the vaguest assertions of confidentiality and privileges” (Greenwire, Aug. 18).

In other words, this is more of what we’ve all become accustomed to any time Democrats control anything: abuse of authority (and taxpayer bucks) for purposes of harassing and kneecapping political enemies, both public and private. And as usual, the targeted entities will not have a voice at the show hearing, either through not being invited or because they are already entangled with their congressional stalkers and see no reason to expose themselves to more attacks than necessary. But the committee’s hand-picked experts will speak, naturally:

Instead, the subcommittee will hear from a panel of outside experts and advocates on the issue of fossil fuel PR.

Among the witnesses is Melissa Aronczyk of Rutgers University, who co-authored a book on public relations and modern environmental politics.

A quick scroll through Professor Aronczyk’s Twitter feed reveals an academic who is devoted to helping activists tilt at climate change and bring about “climate justice” by overcoming “obstruction” from the evil fossil fuel industry. She is openly hostile to fossil fuel PR firms:

Apparently, the industry that gave us the Industrial Revolution and our modern lifestyle and provides the lion’s share of the world’s energy doesn’t rate “cultural legitimacy,” according to House Dems and their academic allies.

“We absolutely don’t think this is a priority amid one of the worst energy crises in modern history,” Rep. Bruce Westerman (R-Ark.) told the Daily Caller. “Instead, this is yet another Democrat attack on the men and women responsible for providing safe, reliable energy produced here at home.”

It gets worse. Grijalva and Porter have co-sponsored legislation that would make the legitimate business expense of P.R. and marketing non-deductible for companies that Democrats deem guilty of engaging in “climate misinformation.” The entitlement, the comfort these people feel with dictating acceptable speech is truly breathtaking to behold.

“By targeting PR firms for working on behalf of an industry Democrats repeatedly vilify, the majority could also create a chilling effect on the ability of private businesses to exercise their First Amendment rights,” said Westerman. Of course, that’s a feature, not a bug, to these people.

It’s crucial to vote these Luddite Leftists out of power this November before their inane policies cut off the power to all our homes and businesses.

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