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Generally I think I understand liberals pretty well. They like wealth and power, and they favor policies that give them more wealth and power. But some issues are puzzling, like their insistence on little children being indoctrinated in transgender ideology. This is a hill that Democrats seem willing to die on, but why? I don’t see that it brings them wealth or power, nor does it advance their cause politically.

On the contrary, voters are strongly opposed to trans propaganda, especially with regard to very young children. Take this New York Times/Siena poll, for example. The pollster asked, “Do you support or oppose allowing public school teachers to provide classroom instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity to children in elementary school (grades 1 to 5)?”

A large majority, 58%, were strongly opposed, while another 12% somewhat oppose such indoctrination. Conversely, only 27% expressed support for this instruction. And yet this was the issue on which Democrats attacked Ron DeSantis with their “don’t say gay” theme.

As kids get older, voters apparently become more comfortable with classroom trans instruction. Thus, when the same question was asked about classroom instruction directed at junior high school kids, grades 6 through 8, 44% supported while 54% opposed.

And when asked the same question about high school students, grades 9 through 12, 56% were willing to accept gay and trans instruction, with 42% opposed.

These findings are similar to what my organization got when polling Minnesotans a month ago. We asked, “Do you favor or oppose teaching elementary school children about homosexuality and transsexuality, and encouraging them to explore these alternative forms of sexual identity?” 33% favored such indoctrination, while 60% opposed, with by far the largest cohort, at 45%, being strongly opposed. We didn’t ask the question for higher grades.

The message seems clear: pushing gay and trans indoctrination on young children is a political loser. Yet Democrats seem undeterred. Similarly, there has lately been a recurrence of “drag queen story hours” in young children’s libraries, and of drag shows in which children as young as two or three are invited to participate. These phenomena baffle me. They must be strongly disapproved of by a large majority of Americans, and I don’t see how they bring wealth or power to liberals. So why this unwavering commitment to bizarre sex on behalf of the Democratic Party?

Maybe you can elucidate the mystery in the comments.

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