Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Don's Tuesday Column

         THE WAY I SEE IT   by Don Polson   Red Bluff Daily News   9/20/2022

The welcome/not-welcome “migrants”

First, “migrants” is a misleading euphemism, as in “undocumented migrant.” Reality: There is a virtual flood of illegal aliens entering America over our Southern border. Incorrect language alert: the AP “style book” now discourages or bans “flood,” “surge” or “invasion” (ditto “illegal alien”) lest readers conclude that our border is not as secure as Veep Kamala Harris has assured us it is, or that border crossers are not a national blessing.

Border Patrol statistics show millions crossing, “invading” if you will—many thousands per day—creating literal humanitarian crises for Texas and Arizona border towns. They’re conscious, deliberate, designed-to-destabilize-America policies of Joe Biden. His “Welcome” mat is for anyone—whether hoping to become citizens (not likely), find work (replacing Americans), receive government “freebies,” or leave behind foreign criminal records to pursue new, violent pastimes and victims.

Oh, the wailing of proud, liberal “sanctuary city” leaders; and the rhetorical leaps, casting aspersions and accusations of “human trafficking” crimes at Republican Governors DeSantis and Abbot. For 18 months the Democrat political/media cabal has said, “move along, nothing to see here” over Biden facilitating the “invasion,” neglecting the dire circumstances inflicted upon border states, and piling said migrants onto planes or busses, in the middle of the night, for transport to far flung cities.

It's not trafficking, you say, when Biden did it? Shed inflammatory terms and just be honest. Biden et al really want many millions of new residents that 1) see government (read “Democrat”) largesse as their sustenance, 2) are likely to accept the beneficent state as a partner in their advancement, and 3) can be distributed into “red” state hinterlands to eventually dilute Republican influence and usher in perpetual Democrat dominance.

Combine it with conniving, unconstitutional voting “reforms,” making states’ roles in running elections subservient to federal/Democrat policies (top down). It also incorporates the new arrivals’ induced allegiance to leftist politics (bottom up). Dems want the border “crisis” to usher in the “opportunity” of eventual “Venezuela-ization,” and third-world despotism, for the formerly freest people on earth. Prove otherwise.

It's rich (in irony and hypocrisy) for progressive Dems to mock and denigrate our allegiance to Donald Trump for Make America Great Again (becoming “Save America”). On the Southern border issue alone, the America First policy of a long, impenetrable wall to keep illegal aliens out—together with wide, welcoming gates for those legally entering—reflects the polled wishes of both Americans and legal immigrants.

Funny how liberals shout about “Democracy” being destroyed by the MAGA movement when, on this issue, actual majorities (that’s democracy, right?) support Trump’s immigration and border policies. 57 percent of Texas Hispanics, 60 percent of South Texas Hispanics, want to see tougher border enforcement (texastribune.org). MAGA democracy.

That same polling support for conservative positions is repeated on issues like crime/police funding, abortion, taxes, over-regulation, free speech, religious freedom, health care mandates, and education free from race and sex indoctrination. If public opinion differs from Democrat policies, they deceive, “gaslight” or trick the public into accepting something that sounds good.

New leftists’ “reset” language: “Criminal justice reform,” “Reproductive health care,” “paying a fair share,” “rules restricting abusive business practices,” “hate speech,” “Christian discrimination,” “Covid mandates so ‘you don’t kill someone’” and “parents shouldn’t restrict teachers’ gender and race lessons.” Agenda: Manipulate people’s opinions with new language; convince them their outdated ideas are racist, sexist, or hateful.

The elitist, arrogant quasi-racism of liberals in “sanctuary” cities and Martha’s Vineyard enclaves has been exposed by Republican Governors Abbott and DeSantis. Their hard-working, responsible residents (and legal immigrants), are burdened and victimized by Biden’s “open border” policies; they used Biden’s tactic.

In ultra-wealthy, elite Martha’s Vineyard, where the Obamas welcomed hundreds to a circus-tent sized event, well supplied with all their needs, it’s normal for mansions to include guest cottages larger than either of our homes. 50 bussed-in “migrants” created a “humanitarian crisis,” and a call for National Guard troops to relocate them to Cape Cod military base. Mind you, M.V. residents (pop. 20,000) employ hundreds of cooks, maids, groundskeepers, chauffeurs, etc.

Video of “migrants” deposited at Veep Harris’s Naval Observatory home included the sight of a “tasteful” 12-foot wrought-iron no-climb fence; it’s the elites’ “fences for me, not for thee” mentality.

An actual “The Island of Martha’s Vineyard” sign virtue signals “correctness” (CAPS on sign): “We respect WOMEN* We stand with our LGBTQ COMMUNITY MEMBERS* We stand with IMMIGRANTS, with REFUGEES, with INDIGENOUS PEOPLES…All Are Welcome Here (in more than a dozen languages), hate has no business here.”

Humanitarian crisis? How many migrants’ bodies have been pulled from the water because they’ve been led to believe that it’s totally safe to illegally cross the border, or suffocated to death in overheated trucks driven by coyotes, or the migrant children abandoned to die? (hat tip John Hayward)

You Democrats voted for this; God bless your pea-pickin’ hearts. But gone are mean tweets or Trump-derangement driven by (we now know) fabricated scandals. And aren’t you delighted to know that the DOJ/FBI/IC (Intelligence Community) manipulated it for 4+ years, and assured you that Hunter’s laptop was “Russian disinformation”? But keeping voters from knowing the deep financial corruption in the Biden’s self-aggrandizing deals with Ukraine, China and others enriching the “Big Guy,” Joe Biden—that was worth it to “just win, baby.”

You voted for double-digit inflation, high gas and grocery prices, stagnant wages and unemployment rates that—accounting for reduced labor participation, those working multiple jobs, and part-timers wanting full time jobs—are really over 7 percent. Regrets, anyone?

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