Friday, September 23, 2022




Trafalgar’s poll results in Minnesota and elsewhere this year stand out from the pack, as they have done generally in recent years. Dan McLaughlin’s excellent NRO column on Trafalgar’s methodology as explained by Trafalgar founder Robert Cahaly includes this comment on the current state of play:

On the issue environment, Cahaly says that he hasn’t seen any issue in a long time that motivates people as much as opposition to Biden’s student-loan forgiveness — “nothing touches it.” But he has also heard from people who scoffed at its comparatively small size relative to their overall debts. He sees a lot of general anti-incumbent sentiment, and believes that safety issues (crime, border security) are particularly driving opposition to Democrats in blue states.

We decried the student loan giveaway the day it was announced and have wondered if it was something less than a political stroke of genius. I find Cahaly’s comment interesting in itself. His comment about the percolation of anti-incumbent sentiment and the salience of “safety issues” is reflected in the Alpha News/Trafalgar poll of Minnesota’s statewide races and leading issues reported here earlier this week by Alpha News.

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