Monday, January 16, 2023

White House Reporters Aren't Buying What Biden is Selling on GarageGate

White House Reporters Aren't Buying What Biden is Selling on GarageGate

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Speaking to reporters at the White House Thursday, Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre declared the search of mishandled classified documents at President Joe Biden's private office (which he used as the former vice president) and personal residences "over." She did not say what prompted the search. 

The declaration came hours after White House Counsel confirmed classified information had been found in Biden's personal garage in Wilmington, Delaware. Jean-Pierre repeatedly claimed Biden "didn't know" what was in the documents. 

Unlike the White House, a visitor log is not kept at the Wilmington residence. This is still administration policy despite President Biden spending a significant portion of his time there. Hunter Biden, the President's son, had regular access to the garage and declared the Wilmington home was his in 2018. 

In rare fashion, a number of White House reporters continually pressed Jean-Pierre on the issue -- pushing her to the point of frustration. 

The White House and President Biden have known about the classified information since November 2, 2022, yet didn't disclose the findings to the public. 

The White House is grappling with the legality of Biden's possession of classified documents after he left the vice presidency. 

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