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Mark Hamill Feels the Power of the Dark Side

Mark Hamill Feels the Power of the Dark Side

Mark Hamill Feels the Power of the Dark Side
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Maybe Disney can go back to The Empire Stakes Back and change Darth Vader’s iconic line to “I am your mother.” That might fix Mark Hamill’s current problem. I doubt it, but it might. Hamill, who is well-known for his anti-right stances, recently found himself skewered on his own leftwing lightsaber over a tweet. Of course it was over a tweet. That’s where all of the modern-day witch hunts occur. Like the wrong thing, say the wrong thing, or fail to declare one’s allieship loudly enough or quickly enough and you will have the Sith Lords of the Left kicking down your door.

Here is a quick recap:

Bounding Into Comics reports that the saga in question revolves around a tweet by India Willoughby, a newsreader in England, who is a man who identifies as a woman. I am not sure if Willoughby has had the final surgery to make the cut, but Willoughby took a shot at J.K. Rowling with, “I’m more of a woman than JK Rowling ever will be.” Genetics would argue otherwise, but as we all know, the science is only relevant when it comes to climate change. Rowling shot back with “Citation needed.” Pithy and to the point. Hamill hit the like button and just like that, he became one of the droids the Woke Stormtroopers were looking for. He was accused of being transphobic, and people begged him to tell them it was an accident and demanded that he unfollow Rowling. You know, the usual routine. Recant, repent, and maybe disembowel yourself for good measure.

It could be that in his heart of hearts, Hamill agreed, or maybe as an actor, he appreciated the snappy comeback. Back when I was a Lefty, I enjoyed Limbaugh’s show because it was a good show and Limbaugh had talent. I respected that, even if I didn’t appreciate the man’s views at the time. But Hamill should have known that even hitting the “like” button would be an unforgivable transgression for the Transexual Jedi and their supporters.

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Hamill has been an avowed and outspoken Leftist and harshly critical of anything or anyone slightly to the right of Saul Alinsky. So the fact that he is now facing the blasters of his compatriots is ironic and funny. In fact, it’s about time he savored the sensation of the flamethrowers of those who can only accept one point of view. To put it simply, he had it coming.

I am a member of the generation who saw the release of the original Episode IV. Or as we called it back in the day, Star Wars. It was a life-changing experience that I will relate another time, if it comes up. For me, the whole series started with IV and ended with VI. I sat through the prequels for one reason: I wanted to see Anakin Skywalker become Darth Vader. Hell, I had been waiting for THAT since the fifth grade. Lucas owed me that one. But in watching the prequels and listening to Hamill’s opinions, one thing become obvious: the Left is the Galactic Empire. The Left demands compliance. The Left demands sacrifice. The Left demands that one support whatever the issue of the day is. The Left controls the media. The Left can impose sanctions, violent or otherwise. The Left wants total control. And the people who just want to live their lives or think differently are branded “rebels.” And the rebels must be hunted down and eliminated. So guess what, Mark? You became Darth Vader after all.

I hope Hamill takes the time to reflect on this and realize that evil Empires can, in fact, rise with the best of stated intentions, or even with the actual best of intentions. You can quickly become the thing you claim to oppose. In fact, that was one of the themes of the prequel trilogy. If Hamill chooses not to mull this over, then may the Farce will be with him, always.

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