Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Don's Tuesday Column

THE WAY I SEE IT   by Don Polson  Red Bluff Daily News   1/24/2023

Biden’s “wearing no clothes” stage

The March for Life shows the shift to state abortion restrictions, and “hearts and minds” campaigns to promote the inherent right of a human life in a woman’s womb to live. The will of the people is revealed in current polling. The Marist Poll found that “nearly 7 in 10 Americans believe abortion should be limited” to the first three months of pregnancy. This has not changed in decades; at least accept how out of step the “no restrictions up until birth” crowd are with a super-majority of Americans.

PINO (President-In-Name-Only as he isn’t running anything) Joe Biden is nearing a “he’s not wearing any clothes” moment. The old fable about the emperor, convinced by shyster tailors that they were weaving so fine a raiment for his royal gown that it couldn’t be seen, reached its ludicrous conclusion when a small boy, watching him walk by naked, blurted out the truth: “the emperor has no clothes.” Biden’s approval remains in the 30s on the economy, inflation and immigration, and only 36 percent total approval (Quinnipiac).

First, Biden insisted “there’s nothing there” regarding the classified, “Top Secret” documents found in several unsecured places, the mere removal of which from an authorized location is a crime punishable by imprisonment. Leaving such documents on a desk is a fire-able offense by lesser government employees. A mere sailor was punished for a photo of the inside of a sub he sent his family. Every person, up to Biden himself, who touched, moved, stored or looked at Top Secret SCI (Sensitive Compartmented Information) committed a crime unless they had the security clearance to do so.

Second, Biden, Kamala Harris and other mouthpieces, insist his first 2 years have delivered vast economic successes. Maybe you’ve seen the 2-minute video—complete with chirpy, plinking music to set your mood—of Biden and Harris at each end of a 10-foot table (they couldn’t just sit at arm's reach next to a coffee table?). They did a stilted “one-upmanship” back and forth, eventually talking over each other, proclaiming repetitive sound bites about his fantastic economic record.

Reality: America is several million jobs below the pre-COVID “labor participation rate”; the one percent deficit means 2 to 3 million fewer Americans are working or looking for work. “Jobs created” are less than the “jobs lost” during the pandemic; likewise, businesses started vs. killed under COVID shutdowns.

Christmas sales fell over one-percent, adjusted for inflation (sales up 5.3%, inflation 6.5%); economic growth of goods and services has lagged inflation for a year. “Real wage growth” has been negative since Biden took office, the first such drop in income in decades (if wages go up less than inflation, workers are poorer).

The Davos World Economic Forum delivered nearly-endless “gaslighting” over the climate, while simultaneously calling for censorship of doubters (simply doubting them is “wrong-think”; expressing such doubt is quasi-criminal “disinformation”). The thin, fungible line between that and “hate speech”—which the EU Commissioner assured us will be outlawed in America—leaves citizens with justifiable fear of the brute force of the “guns and jails” of government-mandated compliance.

Completing the picture, America’s FBI Director Christopher Wray assured the Davos WEF crowd that “the level of collaboration between the private sector and the government, especially the FBI, has made significant strides.” Let that sink in: Wray has not said a word to confirm or deny the Twitter Files exposé documenting interactions and control—by the FBI and other national security agencies—of content “moderation” (i.e. censorship) of:

1) Hunter Biden laptop evidence of Biden family corruption; 2) The violation of Twitter’s own rules to remove President Trump from the platform; 3) The fact that 80 FBI and numerous other federal agents, were working inside Twitter to implement, and suppress opposition to, preferred government narratives;

4) The cozy, agreeable acquiescence to requests by the DNC and congressional Democrats to not only suppress tweets on disfavored topics but also to remove Republican, conservative and Trump-friendly persons; 5) Posts and information from COVID contrarians on vaccines, masks, school shutdowns, and economic damage.

Targeted persons and tweets had no criminality, violated no statutes. It’s all First Amendment-protected opinion, activity and information-sharing. Wray, heading the most powerful American law enforcement agency, bragged in Davos about “collaborating with the private sector” to manipulate and suppress free speech.

The media ignores this abominable conspiracy (not theory) for partisan Democrat-enabling reasons: Trump’s election claims would be given credence; the media would have to apologize; exposing the feds would deprive them of sources and heroes; they preserved the Russian bogeyman, and ignored the Chinese threat.

According to Matt Taibbi, Twitter was being overwhelmed by inbound instructions from various agencies, with the FBI acting as the gatekeeper for Homeland Security, Defense Dept, CIA, State Dept., and others through the “Foreign Influence Task Force.” Bottom line: there was no “foreign influence.”

Finally, anyone making the case for “catastrophic human-caused climate change” cannot point to anything more than “natural variation.” There have not been any significant increases in temperatures, floods, droughts, tornadoes, hurricanes, forest fires, snowstorms, etc.—even in California. Moderate changes, even modest increases, are the only reality; please stop with the scare-mongering, catastrophe-porn and guilt-tripping over stuff humans have lived with, and will continue to adapt to, for millennia.

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