Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Independent voters abandon Biden, choose DeSantis and Trump

Independent voters abandon Biden, choose DeSantis and Trump

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Independent voters have lost faith in President Joe Biden to handle the problems facing the United States and would choose former President Donald Trump or Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis instead in 2024, according to a new post-election survey of the influential and growing group.

In a new Zogby Poll shared with Secrets, just 36.9% of independents approve of Biden, with another 60.7% signaling disapproval, a huge gap for a president considering a reelection bid.


Even worse, just 21.9% of independents see the country heading in the “right direction,” while 70.4% see the U.S. on the “wrong track.”

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Independent voters in the past have generally fallen in between Republicans and Democrats on key issues, though they have been trending in the direction of the GOP, and Jonathan Zogby’s poll tracks that shift.

Overall, in his survey of independents taken shortly after the November election, there is no good news for Biden.

Currently, Biden remains in the 2024 race with only Trump, despite a long list of problems on his Oval Office desk, including inflation, a potential recession, the historic border crossing crisis, a two-year supply chain disaster, and questions about his mental capabilities.

In a head-to-head matchup with independent voters, Trump just edges Biden, 38%-37%.

But against DeSantis, it’s a blowout with the Florida governor ahead, 43%-34%.

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Zogby also asked independents about a matchup between Biden and Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin. In that head-to-head matchup, the political newbie did well, pulling 30% to Biden’s 32%, though the leader of that hypothetical is “Not Sure/Someone Else” at 37%. Still, it shows there is room in the 2024 race for a non-Trump candidate.

“It’s clear voters, especially independent voters, are not crazy about the president. Inflation is the most pressing issue for voters post-midterm election, but other issues like reproductive rights and threats to democracy might have been enough to save Democrats and help them pull off a stunning victory in the midterm election. While Biden relishes in the victory and has some legislative achievements to date, the economy is not looking good,” said Zogby of Zogby Analytics.


“Voters might have found some distractions to ignore the economic issues that currently plague us, but those distractions like January 6, abortion, and climate change might not be enough to carry Biden to victory in 2024. As of now, Trump is looking less like a shoo-in, while DeSantis continues to edge his way up the party ladder,” said Zogby.

He concluded in his analysis, “We’ll see if DeSantis is ready for prime time come primary season, but right now, he’s looking like a bonafide contender!”


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