Tuesday, January 31, 2023




In her New York Post column Miranda Devine reports on “The migrant mess…ruining NYC’s midtown.” She identifies previously elite midtown hotels that are now housing illegal aliens at taxpayer expense:

The city is putting illegals up ­indefinitely in Midtown’s former luxury hotels, providing three free hot meals a day, baby formula, free clothing, free legal services, free health care and free education.

The cost is reportedly close to $100,000 per room.

But as it’s human nature not to appreciate what you are given for free rather than what you have worked for, some recipients of taxpayer largesse are biting the hand that feeds them.

Take the Row Hotel.

The new residents have been turning up their noses at the free food, with the result that almost a ton of perfectly good meals reportedly have been thrown out daily.

A hotel worker earlier this month provided The Post with photos of trash bags full of untouched sandwiches and bagels that he said migrants refused to eat. Instead, they cook meals more to their liking on hot plates in their rooms, creating a serious fire hazard in the historic building.

Devine’s column includes photos and more aggravating facts. She concludes with an anecdote:

This week, we heard that four illegal migrants, at least two of whom had been staying gratis at the Watson Hotel on West 57th Street, had been pulled over by cops in a BMW with fake plates and arrested for stealing $12,000 worth of merchandise from a Macy’s at a Long Island shopping mall on Jan. 9. All four were released the next day.

They must think we’re idiots.

In the controversial dystopian novel Camp of the Saints Jean Raspail imagined the French president suffering a failure of nerve to defend the country against a massive wave of illegal immigration. Raspail did not foresee a president who would deny, conceal, and abet the destruction of his country, but that’s the twist on dystopia we are compelled to contemplate in the Age of Biden.


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