Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Democrats Don’t Miss A Beat

Democrats Don’t Miss A Beat

Democrats have new leadership in the House of Representatives, as you may have heard. It’s “historic” because their leader is black. To race-obsessed Democrats, irrelevant things like that matter deeply. Not for any real reason, but because it’s insulation from accountability from fellow leftists – Nancy Pelosi was the first female Speaker of the House and she did horrible things in that position, but to criticize her would have been sexist. For dumb people who buy into even some of the left’s agenda, the idea of being called some kind of “ist” or “phone” is a fate worse than finding out your tofu wasn’t organic. 

With Hakeem Jeffries as their new leader, Democrats have the same shield protecting their flank. Who would dare point out that Jeffries is a racist pile of garbage or a true “election denier,” which Democrats have deemed to be the worst thing a human being can be when they run the risk of being called racist themselves? 

It’s not like Democrats are noted for their substance. Name one progressive “intellectual” who hasn’t exposed themselves as complete tools. Former Enron advisor Paul Krugman is such a joke in the field of economics and political commentary that you almost have to feel bad for him. You won’t because he’s as large of a jackass as he is wrong. Was he capable of self-awareness and humiliation he would’ve moved to a cave 2 decades ago.

Think of any advisor to the Obama or Biden administration (and there’s a lot of overlap, which explains quite a bit) or columnists for the New York Times or Washington Post. Is there one who didn’t declare some kind of “walls closing in” on Donald Trump or the end of the Republican Party over things no one could name if their lives depended on it? There are far too many of these morons to name, so I’ll just name all who don’t fall into this category:

That’s it, that’s all of them. So that Democrats would choose to lead them someone so devoid of anything human beings find useful in another person that he needs the old, rich, white guard they’d empowered for years to hold his hand as he learns to walk is pathetic, but not surprising.

The 52-year-old millionaire is, if the history of recent Democrat leadership holds, about to become a lot richer. Jeffries will lie about it, it’s what Democrats do, but so is capitalizing on their insider information to explode the value of their stock portfolio. 

One thing Hakeem is learning from Grandma Nancy is how to con poor people out of their money or get them to go deeper into credit card debt so he doesn’t have to spend his own money on things. “I was just officially sworn in as House Democratic Leader after 14 failed, dysfunctional attempts by Republicans to convene our Congress,” his fundraising email opens. “Now, I’m asking you to help me lead Democrats in a historic fundraising day – 1,000 gifts in my first 24 hours – to show we stand ready to fight extreme MAGA Republicans and win back the House Majority for Democrats. Will you split a gift between myself and 314 Action? I can’t tell you how much it would mean to see your donation.”

The stench of desperation almost burns the eyes, doesn’t it?

It continues, “As the new Democratic Leader, I want to take this moment to share what I stand for and earn your support: I was raised by working-class parents. I’m a product of New York City’s public schools and grew up in a predominantly African-American neighborhood in Brooklyn. Now, I’m leading House Democrats forward as we fight for an opportunity in every single zip code and an economy that works for everyone. We’re not wasting a single second getting to work.”

He’s rich, which is something he glosses over, and black, which is something he highlights for the same reason Pelosi reminded everyone that, at least when it suits their needs, some Democrats do remember what a woman is.

The important thing to remember about these Democrats – every single one of them, regardless of position, skin color, who they have sex with, etc., etc. – is they are uniformly opposed to what makes the United States of America exceptional. That party under the leadership of Nancy Pelosi never stopped striving to “fundamentally transform” everything that makes us great, and they have not missed a beat as she passes the baton to another “historic” leader hell-bent on achieving the same destructive goal.

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