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Leftists, perhaps thinking their war on reliable energy is well in hand, are now making war on scientific agriculture. The war has two main elements: opposition to fertilizers, without which billions of people could not be fed, and hostility toward animal husbandry. Leftists don’t want you to eat meat.

When you tell people that liberals’ end game is for them to eat bugs, they sometimes think you can’t be serious. Those are the people who aren’t paying attention. This article in an ostensible scientific site, is typical: “Making the case for using insects as food for both humans and livestock.”

As the global population rises and the land available for growing more food becomes more scarce, scientists around the around the world have begun looking for alternative sources. In the two papers in Science, the authors all agree that insects could provide the answer.

In the first paper, the authors note that humans eating insects is not novel. People have been eating them for as long as there have been people.

Out of necessity, not preference. Who wants to go back to the days of bug eating?

And many people in the world today still eat them; however, most do not. And in fact, in most places, people see eating insects as disgusting or even dirty.

Because it is. But liberals plan to overcome that repugnance.

They note that eating insects can provide many nutritional benefits—common crickets, for example, are high in protein. That makes them competitive with meat from animals.

No, actually, it doesn’t. If crickets were actually competitive with steaks, hamburgers and bacon, stores and restaurants would be full of dried crickets. But liberals have a theory as to how you and I can be induced to eat bugs:

In both articles, the authors argue that the only factor holding back the use of insects as a food source is the will to do so by those producing the food.

Like all suppliers, farmers and food companies have the “will” to produce goods that people want. Like meat. But liberals have no intention of allowing the market–our preferences–to rule. They intend to make animal husbandry prohibitively expensive, and ultimately illegal, through regulations that, as with the attack on affordable energy, are justified by the talisman of global warming.

And the end game is, you and I eat insects. Although I suppose limited amounts of meat will still be available in special stores accessible to those with high enough social credit scores.

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