Tuesday, January 17, 2023




Today’s New York Post cover is something of a classic. It flags Steven Nelson’s story “Classified Biden docs found in his Delaware garage next to Corvette.” The story includes photos of Biden in his ‘vette, including the one on the cover with the garage door open. How secure can you get?

In my comments on the breaking news yesterday afternoon I noted Biden’s assertion that the garage is locked and, hey, “it’s not like they’re sittin’ out in the street.” However, as any fool can see, the garage door was easily opened, the garage was not secure, and the garage could be entered by anyone with access to the house. I cited Prince’s comment in “Little Red Corvette” — “I felt a little ill when I saw all the pictures / Of the jockeys that were there before me.” Think Hunter Biden.

Today the Washington Free Beacon’s Joe Simonson and Andrew Kerr take a detailed look at Hunter Biden’s access in “Hunter Biden Lived at Biden Home Where Classified Documents Were Stashed, Records Show.” It’s the kind of follow-up story readers are highly unlikely to see in the mainstream media. The guardians of the mainstream media have barely dipped their toes in the story of Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Drawing on the laptop, the Free Beacon story reports:

According to government documents stored on his personal computer, Hunter Biden lived in 2018 and 2019 at the Wilmington, Del., home where his father had classified materials stored in the garage. It is unclear precisely when the documents were put in the garage or when Hunter Biden began living at the residence, but in May 2018 the president’s scandal-plagued son was issued a Delaware driver’s license listing his father’s home as his primary residence.

Hunter Biden’s access of course simply illustrative of the risks to classified documents stored in the garage. There is much that could be said, but no one is talking: “Neither the White House nor the Department of Justice responded to a request for comment.”


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