Friday, January 6, 2023

Are People Getting Stupider?

Are People Getting Stupider?

I am very worried that people are becoming dumber. I know what you will say. You will say, “Kurt, people are already complete idiots. It’s not possible for them to become dumber. They have reached Absolute Stupidity.” But no, I disagree. People really seem to be getting dumber. People are exceeding our expectations for once, and after a careful analysis, I am convinced people are becoming measurably dumber.

Look around you. Do you see anything not taking place in Florida that is smarter than what was taking place a few years ago? In Florida, Ron DeSantis led a response to a hurricane and within a couple days the entire regime media was gone and it was like the hurricane never happened. Why? Because he was not stupid. Because there was not idiocy to indict him with. He got the power on and the bridges rebuilt and did not stumble about like a slack-jawed moron. It was a shock because we have grown used to idiocy.

Let’s compare what happened in Florida to what is happening in my home state of California. California has many problems, all caused by Californians electing idiots to run their state. We have hobos leaving their needles and crap – literal and figurative – on our sidewalks. Scumbags are raiding stores and hauling off bags of loot. Over 350,000 people will leave the state with the best weather on the continent for places that freeze and have iguanas fall from the trees. So, what does California do? Does it address these pressing issues?

Come on.

I wonder what new California laws went into effect on New Year’s Day? Townhall has got you covered there. California ignored its actual problems and is imposing new mandates to make everything much, much worse. The new laws for 2023 include deeming California a sanctuary state for Munchausen mommies who want to castrate their sons in order to make themselves more interesting. Yes, California is stepping in to ensure that no child need worry about the state not allowing his vicious, narcissist mother and eunuch father to carve off his genitals because of a delusion that he is a she. Phew! That was a close one. Think of all the children who might not be mutilated if California did not step in to protect the ability of psychotic adults to chop their kids into a cruel simulacrum of the opposite sex. That’s smart.

Also smart is the new law that bars doctors from dissenting from the Official Licensed Narrative™ regarding COVID even though the entire Official Licensed Narrative™ has been proven to be complete and utter bullSchiff. Not only will you be told stupid lies, but it will be illegal to tell you the truth. You know, the thing about these totalitarians is that they are stupid, meaning they must enforce the telling of lies because their lies are obviously false. 

Oh, and this is the best new law because it combines the idiocy of equity with the idiocy of plain old idiocy. California just legalized jaywalking because citing people who randomly cross the street is racist. Yes, presented with the competing arguments of 1) normal people saying “You should not step into oncoming traffic” and 2) clownish activists saying “It is racist to keep POCs from stepping into oncoming traffic,” they literally went with the side that was trying to make it easier for black people to get hit by cars. For equity’s sake, of course. Take that, racists!

Now, there are other examples of stupidity abounding in society lately, and there’s no point in listing them all – just look around you. But some deserve a special shout-out. There is the climate change hoax cult, which wants to replace the entire electrical grid with Chi-Com solar panels and eagle choppers. To do that would require something like twice the size of California being devoted to this inefficient pipe-less dream, at who can calculate the environmental cost. Genius!

There is Hollywood, which literally refuses to make more than a handful of films a year people might want to see. Yeah, we have all heard of “Avatar: Dances With Blue Cartoons,” but what else is out that you have heard of? I looked into it. There is a movie with Brendan Frasier called “The Whale” where he stars as a fat LGBTQA+& üƆŧ÷≠Λ atheist professor (of course) who talks about his feelings, and another flick called “Women Talking” about women talking (Spoiler: If you have a penis, you are a rapist even if you didn’t rape anyone). So, movies about a lot of feelings, and most of them are feelings of anger and bitterness toward you, the moviegoing audience. Now, would you rather 1) see one of these films, or 2) drive Eric Swalwell home from a chili cook-off with the windows closed?

I’d go with the Fang Fang option.

And then there is the fact that Ronna McDaniel, with her 0-5 track record of failure, is still running for RNC chair again (Contact your state GOP reps at to politely express your dismay). And the fact that 18 GOP senators voted for the omnibus atrocity. And the fact that Joe Biden is allegedly president. We are hitting peak stupid, people.

Yeah, things are getting stupider – but is this a natural or manmade phenomenon? After all, this kind of comprehensive, all-encompassing dumbness would seem to defy the laws of statistics. Is it really possible to just happen to be this idiotic? Or is it something else? Is it a plan? Is it a conspiracy, where the stupidity is not merely moronic but malicious?

No, I don’t think so. These people are too damn stupid to pull off a conspiracy.

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