Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Don's Tuesday Column

       THE WAY I SEE IT   by Don Polson  Red Bluff Daily News   1/31/2023

Biden, Dems: April Fools, America

Also, “bait and switch” or “fool me once…twice.” While happily borrowing “April Fools Day, America” from Donald Trump’s addresses in New Hampshire and South Carolina, I find it captures his ability to inject wry humor into the deadly serious state of America in 2023. After all, mockery and ridicule are the most devastating takedowns of an opponent’s beliefs and policies, especially with the advantage of being true.

While premature aspirational hopes can cloud reality, we’ll analytically put the odds, after watching Trump’s smaller venue campaign launches, of Donald J. Trump being the Republican nominee at 90 percent, and being the next president at about 60 percent. “If the election were held today” polling limitations notwithstanding, he bests Biden by several points, and Kamilla Harris by even more; his lead over other potential Republican candidates is sizeable.

While Democrats quietly prepare alternatives, the Biden-symbiotic press becomes less sympathetic towards a sure loser, whose family and “top-secret-classified” corruption oozes worse every day. You pick the Democrat; the media/political/entertainment cabal will deliver a progressive “Moses” to lead their masses.

Gov. Ron DeSantis is a proven, worthy leader. He possesses the mettle to not flinch in the face of vile personal anathema, and disingenuous, vicious attacks on his prescriptive policies to fight the left’s onslaught on Florida’s children, progressive higher education, anti-law enforcement socialists and medical despots. Polled Republicans, however, prefer Donald Trump by double digits, for the simple reason that, under his administration and due to his bold policies, our borders were secure, our economy strong, and our military and nation respected.

I had concerns that Trump could “evolve” beyond the 2016 candidate and 2020 reelection persona, with his penchant for raising every slight to “DefCon 5,” and “punching down” when dismissive, sarcastic—yes, Reaganesque—ridicule could simultaneously humiliate and refute his antagonists. His “blind spots”—over the bill-of-goods sold as “the only response to COVID,” and failed, even disastrous personnel choices—could’ve clouded his ability to shift from past injustices to future visions and fixes.

So, it’s refreshing and inspirational to see and hear the “evolved” Donald Trump shift, without one disingenuous note, to weaving a narrative—based on what we see with our own eyes—of massive failures on every front impacting regular Americans, by the Biden/Democrat policies for our nation.

Go to “rumble.com/c/DonaldTrump” and peruse the mostly 2–3-minute videos that preceded, and incorporated into, his Saturday events focusing on: Trump’s free speech policy initiative; Biden’s border crisis; Trump’s planned war on the drug cartels; the Intelligence Community’s role in online censorship;

China’s bold encroachments and stealth ownership of America’s assets; The two-tiered justice system applied to Republicans vs. Democrats; Social Security and Medicare protection;

Trump’s plan to clean out the rot and corruption in Washington D.C.; dismantling the Deep State; putting a stop to riots and denigration of law enforcement; further deployment of our missile defense shield; and more.

Legitimate questions over the traffic-stop-turned-pursuit-and-street-beating of Tyre Nichols in Memphis: Why did he pointlessly run? Was he weakened by drugs, as was George Floyd, to the point of near-mortality? What restraining measures were prescribed for use by officers, and at what point did they cross the line into “street vengeance”? Police, sheriff departments and bipartisan leaders across America are unanimous in their condemnation.

It harkens back to the questionable but understandable period when allowing suspects to resist without inflicting a “rough arrest” was to invite any ne’er-do-well to flaunt his arrogance and aggression at police (like what “soft-on-crime” Democrats have encouraged in many cities). In that situation, any law-abiding citizen had better be rooting for the cops to win if they want to live in a society where “the law” is respected, and punishment feared. The Memphis cops abused their authority.

Can those abusive officers be dispassionately evaluated for issues of training; affirmative-action hiring that may have lowered the bar for those with insufficient self-control; or leadership that sent un-subtle messages to be more “forceful” with the “perps”? Excuse our doubt when some on nutjob cable panels insist there’s “racism” involved when, as here, the cops were Black.

 When an entire political party quietly endorses the BLM and Antifa use of violence and property destruction to agitate for letting granny-and-child-killing thugs and scum out of jail, masquerading as “criminal justice reform”; when Democrat politicians and Soros-funded leniency-advocating prosecutors don’t condemn the Antifa motto: A.C.A.B. or All Cops Are B------ds;

And when Democrats advocate for making it easier to punish law enforcers who, in good faith, try to take violent criminals off the street…You would be naïve, even stupid, to buy into the “Republicans are bad for America” refrain issuing from the kook fringe on progressive cable, unhinged Internet screamers and on this page.

The counter message is not that “Democrats are bad for America.” Polling shows that only a minority of Jefferson’s and Jackson’s party are 1) anti-law enforcement; 2) supporters of socialistic income redistribution; 3) for “grooming” children into the sexual fantasies of perverted educators, cultural hedonists, and “minor attracted people;” and 4) the biological-science-defying loons that insist on “57 varieties” of gender, rather than the simple, eternal “male and female, He created them.” If those are Democrat ideas, they are abominable for America.

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