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Liberals love to talk about children, but in many ways, their policies are devastating to the young. Education is near the top of the list: liberals run our public schools, and they are almost uniformly terrible. Schools are run for the benefit of teachers’ unions, administrators and diversity consultants. The kids are just disposable fodder.

Covid school shutdowns were a recent instance of liberal hostility toward children. They set Kevin Roche off:

Little Timmy [Walz’s inauguration] used the occasion to talk about those kids and how much he wants to help them and make Minnesota the best place to raise children. He is a lying piece of s*** in general but on this topic he is really outdoes himself in the prevarication rankings. Let us review what Little Timmy accomplished for children in his first term. Despite huge tax increases and even bigger educational spending increases, actual learning in Minnesota decreased, and decreased at a particularly rapid pace for minority children. The number of administrators doing nothing rose dramatically and the quality of teachers sank. This decline in learning accelerated during the epidemic when our imbecilic but devious Governor was paid off by the teachers’ unions to close schools for an extended period of time and substitute laughable “virtual learning”. He even went so far as to close playgrounds.

As a result of his actions, many minority children simply dropped out of school altogether and some unfortunately went into a life of crime, as we have a plague of carjackers and gangsters who should be in the classroom.

And yet, does Governor Walz regret his actions? No, he does not:

But more importantly from Little Timmy’s perspective, as a result he got lots of donations from the teachers’ unions, so he could spread lies about his opponent while outspending that opponent by a factor of ten to one. Other great accomplishments for our kids include the worst mental health crisis in the state’s history and rising drug and alcohol overdoses.
But on the bright side, from the Incompetent Blowhard’s perspective, is his forceful pushing of racist indoctrination and bullshit gender ideology to further confuse and dishearten our children, meaning that there is a good chance they become Democrat voters. Don’t think for one minute that Little Timmy doesn’t know exactly what he is doing. This isn’t some accident or misunderstanding. He sold our children for millions of dollars of campaign contributions and the chance to turn them into Democrat ideologues. For a few dollars each he is happy to ruin their lives.

Liberals sell out the young at every opportunity, and the worst offenders are teachers’ unions. In Minnesota, the teachers’ union, Education Minnesota, is far and away the state’s biggest political power. The union controls immense amounts of money, and more important, voters formerly saw the union as a force for good, representing students. That was completely misguided, of course, and my organization’s polling shows that the covid shutdowns opened the eyes of many parents, who now understand that Education Minnesota betrays their kids.

So we are launching a frontal attack on Education Minnesota. Until now, politicians have been afraid to cross the all-powerful teachers’ union. That needs to change: it is long past time to take on the malign power of the teachers’ unions. Our campaign uses billboards, social media, digital ads and email. This is what the billboards will look like. They go up tomorrow:At, readers can get the facts about the teachers’ union’s longstanding obstruction of school reform, and sign a petition in favor of school choice. I particularly like this part of the web site’s litany:

FACT: Education Minnesota is the definition of “systemically racist” as they systemically block every attempt to close Minnesota’s achievement gap for students of color

The battle has been joined, and this time, both sides are fighting.

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