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The Dumbest Thing Ever Said on Cable News

The Dumbest Thing Ever Said on Cable News

You won’t find anyone more critical of what cable “news” has become than I am. It really is pathetic. Every network has morphed into a platform for some of the dumbest people around to spew the absolute stupidest things ever to escape the mouths of human beings. There was a time when I thought this was a bug in the system, but it has become an everyday thing, so dumb has to be the business model now. Yet, just the other day, one of the dumbest things ever said on TV, perhaps the dumbest, was spewed on MSNBC and it deserves to be highlighted.

First off, let me say I truly do believe 99% of cable news is not news and it makes its audience dumber for having watched it. That isn’t something specific to any network, it’s specific to every network. I watched an hour of daytime cable news last Friday and saw interview after interview by employees of this network of employees of that network. In other words, it was a conversation that was better suited to the break room, not under the banner of “news.” No one involved had any firsthand knowledge of the stories they were talking about, nor did they have any insights beyond what any person fed buzzwords and talking points could have spewed. It was a waste of time that, like a car crash, I couldn’t look away from.

While disappointment is common while watching any of the networks, disbelief is still semi-rare. So a Saturday exchange on MSNBC caught my eye, not only because it was stupid, but precisely because it was one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard. It was so bad that not only should everyone working for NBC News be embarrassed to be associated with it, anyone retired from their parent company should hang their heads in shame.

Someone named Cori Coffin, who bills herself as “freelance anchor at NBC News” on her LinkedIn page, asked one of the dumbest, most biased questions ever (which implies she’s hoping for a full-time gig with the DNC’s television arm) while talking about how the President of the United States stole classified government documents while Vice President, and has been mishandling them for more than six years. 

“Predictably, Republicans are working the airwaves trying to convince Americans that Biden and Trump cases are one in the same,” Coffin started. “Now, I guess the question could be will their base buy it? It doesn’t matter, they’ll be voting Republican anyway. So the real question is, how damaging overall could this be for Biden and the Democrats and any voters who are maybe on the fence?”

I told you it was stupid. But in Cori’s defense, maybe it was fed to her by an MSNBC producer and she just wasn’t bright enough to catch who biased it was. We may never know.

The person she asked, however, did the impossible – he out-stupid-ed the question. 

Someone named Fernand Amandi replied by tossing a classic “I have nothing worthwhile to say so I’m going just say everything in the hope that people watching forget what the subject is” word salads that were making yourself look like a moron on television an Olympic event would’ve easily won the gold.

“Oh, I don’t see any damage for Biden and the Democrats,” the man with a feathered hairstyle started. “I do, however, see a continuing problem for the non-base Republican voter who looks at this Republican Party who talked for the last two years about what they would do when given the reins of power in American government. Like the Republican majority in Congress now has to actually do things to try and fix a certain situation that they think needed remedied, whether it be around the economy, whether it be around gas prices, any of these elements. And yet, they’re engaged in the weaponization of the rule of law against political opponents.”

Those damn Republicans using the criminal activities of Democrats against them is…problematic? Yes, that’s what he said.

Being an epic moron, this guy with a career of working for failed campaigns and candidates (makes you wonder why any network would hire him, until you realize MSNBC needs people willing to say incredibly dumb things to keep their audience ignorant), was not done.

“I think it’s a fiasco for them,” he hilariously continued. “And I think, again, any American voter who is a non-MAGA base voter will see this for what it is. And the more they draw this contrast and try and create what is clearly a false equivalency, Cori, I think it is going to blow up in their face.”

Again, those damn Republicans pointing out the illegal activity of Democrats are the problem, and they will pay for it, according to the Aqua Net Avenger. 

Amandi then attempts to make an overly long analogy by saying he wants to make a quick one. Either way, it’s stupid. “I mean, if you want a quick metaphor, this, with the classified documents and Vice President Biden, it’s the equivalent of, you know, driving on a country rural road. You maybe take your eyes off the car in front of you for a second to hit the car and then you pull over. Nobody’s watching. You call the police, you call the insurance, you report it, you fill out the paperwork and you move on in your life. By comparison, what Trump has done is the equivalent of someone with ten DUIs driving in the middle of downtown without a, without a driver’s license, crashing into the police station lobby, and then walking away from the scene of the crime saying that your rights are being impeded on.” (I told you it was overly long and stupid, didn’t I?)  

He wasn’t done, however, because nothing on the left is complete without pathetic attempt to shoehorn in January 6th, and Ferny is nothing if not a loyal drone. 

“It’s absurd,” he cried. “And this is why the Republican embrace of Trump continues to be problematic. Had they distanced themselves from him after the January 6 insurrection, which coincidentally was led by President Trump, they might have the moral authority now to go after Biden with this optical problem.”

President Trump, who had absolute authority to declassify documents as President (there are no forms to fill out in triplicate and get notarized) takes classified documents, stores them on a property secured by the Secret Service and in a locked room, as requested by the National Archives and it’s a threat to democracy. Biden steals classified material from the government (Vice Presidents have zero authority to declassify anything) and spreads it across the east coast, including in multiple locations of his house, pretty well indicating that he or someone else in that house (Hunter?) has been regularly accessing those documents, and it’s just a matter of bad “optics,” according to leftist boobs.

“Since that doesn’t exist, it only draws a contrast, which I don’t think Republicans in Congress are going to benefit from,” he concludes. “When you have Donald Trump on the other side of what is being held up for someone to follow the rule of law, that’s always going to be a problem.”

Watch the entire exchange, it truly is something to behold.

There is no one who came away from that smarter than they went in. And Amandi is an MSNBC contributor, meaning there’s a pretty good chance he is paid to brain-vomit things like this. 

Cable news has a storied history of wildly stupid things being spewed on their airwaves. Things like “Resist we much,” which simply proved Al Sharpton was about as good at reading a teleprompter as he was at being married or not inciting deadly anti-Semitic riots, to hosts floating the idea that a black hole might’ve swallowed a missing airplane or Rachel Maddow’s insistence that COVID vaccines work, knowing what you’re talking about is not a requirement for being on the payroll of cable news channels. Maybe it never was, but now it sure as hell seems like an obstacle.

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