Friday, January 20, 2023

The New American Politburo

The New American Politburo

Last week brought us new insight into what some are calling a two-tiered justice system. We now know that Joe Biden has unlawfully retained classified documents from his time as Vice President in unsecured locations. A vice president does not have the authority to declassify documents, unlike a president. Furthermore, saying he had boxes of classified documents in his "locked garage" is insidious. Additionally, classified documents were found at the University of Pennsylvania Biden Policy Center, where countless individuals, including Chinese foreign nationals, had access. Of course, this comes on the heels of the FBI raid into Donald Trump's residence, a place where documents were secured, and Secret Service agents were on the grounds. Yet, there has been no discussion of criminal prosecution, as opposed to the case with Trump.

Not too long ago we recall the situation with Hillary Clinton, who not only maintained classified materials on an unsecured server in an unsecured location, but she also destroyed classified documents and government computer hardware and software. If we go a little further back, we remember the classified document incident surrounding Sandy Berger. Again, no prosecution.

Just to give a level of comparison, as a retired Army officer, if I had ever maintained classified documents at my residence, I would be doing time in Ft. Leavenworth. 

What is happening in America is not just about a two-tiered system of justice. What we have happening is the emergence of an American Politburo. The term Politburo was introduced to us by the old Soviet Union in 1917. It was the principal policymaking committee of the Communist Party. Today in America, we have a policymaking committee that is making decisions and seeking to rule based upon an elitist ideological agenda, to enact a fundamental transformation of the United States of America. And it was Barack Obama who said just that back in 2008.

Ask yourselves: how can it be that an identifiable domestic terrorist group such as Antifa has had not a single leader arrested, charged, and imprisoned? Why is it that an organization called Jane's Revenge can go about committing arson on pro-life pregnancy centers with no criminal pursuit? Yet, non-leftist groups and organizations can be tracked, and individuals arrested and jailed, such as Proud Boys or Oath Keepers? I have yet to see anyone from these groups burn down communities or violently attack police with laser devices. How can someone like Rep. Cori Bush, who once led violent protests that resulted in property damages and even the loss of life of a law enforcement officer in St. Louis, David Dorn, end up becoming a member of Congress?

In Roanoke, Texas, a venue decided to host a drag queen show where underage children were in attendance. The venue was secured by armed Antifa members, who, by the way, were masked. There was no condemnation of armed individuals protecting a venue that was contributing to the delinquency of minors. The last time I checked, that was a crime. Imagine if armed, not masked, constitutionalists protected a venue where kids were attending a reading of the Declaration of Independence or a patriotic celebration, or heaven forbid a Christian event?

Rep. Scott Perry of Pennsylvania was confronted and presented with a warrant and forced to surrender his cell phone. Yet, Rep. Eric Swalwell of California was a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence after knowing he had an intimate relationship with a Chinese spy named Fang Fang. Yeah, ya can't make this stuff up.

Dare to challenge the American Politburo? Ask Mesa County (Colorado) Clerk Tina Peters and Sherronna Bishop what happens. The American Politburo dispatches the new American Stasi to raid your home. In Ms. Bishop’s case, the masked agents, when asked why they were doing it, responded "because you connect people."

The new American Politburo is making policies that are destroying our energy independence and oil and gas industry because it is not aligned with the "Green New Deal." The Politburo is proud to announce, as Pete Buttigieg did, that they want to force pain at the pump on the American people forcing them to use mass transportation, or purchase electric vehicles, that most cannot afford. Now, the American Politburo is making policies that tell us how we can cook food in our own homes.

This new American Politburo is not based on political party, but rather on ideology and philosophy of governance. One that believes the government is empowered to rule. It places ideological rights above constitutional rights, which is why this new American Politburo will collude with media elites and corporate fascist elites to censor our free speech and freedom of expression. The American Politburo will pass an unconstitutional omnibus spending measure of some 4,220 pages driving up our debt to an unconscionable $32 trillion.

Yes, we do have an emerging two-tiered system of justice, where the Politburo believes themselves above the rule of law. Along with the belief that they determine who is or is not a criminal by releasing criminals and allowing the mass invasion of millions of illegals. But what is happening in America is the development of an ideologically bifurcated society where rules apply to those below the cutline of cultural, political, media, entertainment, religious, and academic elites. This is the reason the American Politburo decided that a mediocre Black lesbian basketball player was more important than a former US Marine.

The American Politburo must be defeated, and it shall be. The indomitable American spirit is rooted in individual liberty and freedom. We will reject this idea of equity, equality of outcomes, as defined by these elitists who deem themselves our masters, and we the serfs. What we saw the last two weeks in the US House of Representatives, were a few standing up against the American Politburo, they didn't like it, but this was the first skirmish in the war to defeat the Politburo. That was why those 20 were referred to as enemies of the state and terrorists, they threatened the status quo of rule.

Now, it is up to us to carry forth the new torch of liberty that they have ignited.

Steadfast and Loyal.

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