Monday, June 27, 2022

This Is NOT the America Our Soldiers Fought and Died For

This Is NOT the America Our Soldiers Fought and Died For

AP Photo/Ted S. Warren

Do not adjust your dial. The communist invasion has begun!

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It’s my unpleasant duty to inform you that we are living in an America that NONE of us thought would ever exist.

Peaceful protest is affirmed by the Constitution, but that lovely piece of brilliance is nothing but bird cage liner to Gropey Joe (or Obama or whoever is pulling Joe’s puppet strings).

MAGA grannies are arrested for taking seditious selfies in the Capitol, yet actual violence is acceptable if you’re splitting skulls for the Democrats.

The J6 Committee beclowns itself by continuing to push the myth that 350,000 Americans, led by a guy dressed as a water buffalo, showed up to topple the strongest government on the planet, but somehow forgot their guns at home.

Peaceful J6 protesters are in solitary confinement even though eyeliner-wearing animals from Antifa and their thug-eriffic friends from BLM burned the nation with near impunity.

Russell Brand gets it, and he puts it perfectly at the 1:51 point, though the entire video is brilliant:

I don’t see the Capitol as a symbol of freedom, I see it as a symbol of oppression, and therefore, the desecration of that is not, for me, the desecration of the sacred, but somehow, of the profane.


I also don’t believe our soldiers fought and died for the right of a mentally ill person to commit heinous crimes and get off scot-free. The left screeches that trans people are America’s most assailed victims but actual research tells us something else. They aren’t murdered at a greater rate than the rest of Americans (that’s called equality). If anything, transgender people are coddled, and their crimes are swept under the rug.

Was your daughter anally raped by a trans kid who wasn’t held responsible? Silence, you bigoted domestic terrorist! Respect the rapist miscreant’s pronouns. Trans people are victims who never cause trouble. YOU are the problem.

For a partial list of crimes trans people have committed against kids — crimes that supposedly aren’t happening — see here: The Left Is Willfully Blind to Transgender Attacks on Kids

FACT-O-RAMA! I’m not anti-trans. I don’t care if a man wants to braid his hair and cram a hard-to-find tampon into his tail to feel like the woman he is not. Just leave kids alone.

We all grew up hearing that men fought and died for democracy, the Constitution, and our American way of life. That means Arlington Cemetery is currently the final resting place for 250 years of fallen soldiers who may have died for naught. Why? I suspect our last election was stolen. That would mean we were robbed of our democracy. If that is true, EVERY American should be concerned furious. Democrats assure us it didn’t happen yet do everything they can to suppress honest review of irregularities, including sending U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland to Arizona to try to stop the audit of the state’s 2020 election — an audit that discovered a ton of questionable votes. 

I suspected immediately that the election was stolen but I was in denial about the commie push. It can’t happen here, I thought. We have a system to prevent a hostile takeover by freedom-hating tyrants. I was happy to be a part of the “silent majority.” It turns out the Democrat Party is the enemy and their commie take-over efforts are further along than I’d thought. The pinkos — many of whom are duly elected Democrats — are here to take over and rule as communists. I should not have been silent. I f**** up.

I should not have remained quiet as Americans obediently closed their businesses, stayed home from their jobs, wore useless masks (and attacked those who wouldn’t), stayed inside their homes like weaklings, and stood on floor decals at the grocery store because we were “all in this together.” The cancelation of our liberties took one month, and we gladly handed them over. Shame on us. We lay down like cowards and cashed those “pandemic” checks. I called it a “dress rehearsal for communism,” but I was wrong. It was opening night, and we were all starring in the demise of our own freedoms.

My best advice is to buy ammo to protect yourself. That’s not a threat nor is it a call to violence. A call to arms is groovy if you’re a lib but not if you’re an actual patriot who wants to preserve our freedoms.

do feel that things can return to normal. The left is panicking; George Soros just bought roughly 17 Spanish-language radio stations in Hispanic markets. He wants to stop the Hispanic exodus to the Republican Party, which means voting still matters. On the flip side, Spanish-speaking Americans are about to be assailed with pro-left codswallop. What the Democrats don’t realize is that some of those Spanish-language stations are broadcasting to a large Latino population, many of whom fled communist Cuba. Those people know bolshie propaganda when they hear it. Soros may have wasted his money.

FACT-O-RAMA! The difference between Hispanic and Latino people is this: Hispanic people are descended from Spain. Latino people hail from Latin America and speak Spanish or Portuguese. Furthermore, Puerto Ricans look down on Dominicans, Cubans look down on both Puerto Ricans and Dominicans, and all three groups do not care for Hispanic people from Central America. Almost all of them hate the term “Latinx.”

I refuse to believe soldiers fought at Bunker Hill, stormed Normandy Beach, or patrolled the dangerous streets of Baghdad so that trans-Nazi toilet people could groom kids. Nor do I believe soldiers battled so the Democrats could unleash a crime epidemic on our largest cities. Yet here we are.

The good news is that the tide is turning. Last November saw big wins in Virginia and parts of New York State. Mayra Flores, a Republican, just won a U.S. Rep. seat in a Texas district that has voted donkey for well over 100 years. We can already smell the napalm from the 2022 midterms. It smells like victory.

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