Friday, June 24, 2022

Kamala Misses the Hoop, Joe Gaffes; It's a Metaphor for How Horrible They Are

Kamala Misses the Hoop, Joe Gaffes; It's a Metaphor for How Horrible They Are

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

Joe Biden is a horrible leader and has made a mess of the country. Americans are extremely unhappy with him, registering his lowest approval ever, this week in the Civiqs poll, at 32 percent approval. But one of the few things that give people just a little pause in thinking about the 25th Amendment or impeachment is that Kamala Harris isn’t much better as a replacement.

A new poll shows that she has a worse favorability rating than even Biden does. She’s 13 points lower than Biden on net favorability–only 23 percent favorable, with 64 percent unfavorable.

So, if the idea was to replace old Joe with new Kamala at some point, that isn’t going to go down very well. She’s the only person even more unlikeable.

Now there’s a reason: she’s often as incoherent as he is. Add in that she’s fake, and then there’s that horrendous cackle. She rarely provides any real answers to any questions, although she does provide prodigious word salads. She also drops her fair share of gaffes, like claiming that the United States had slavery for 400 years. But like Biden, she doesn’t seem to be successful at doing any of the assignments she has been given, especially when it comes to the abject failure at the border.

Her office posted a perfect example of how phony they are and how bad she is at things. Opal Vadhan, Harris’ personal aide, shared a tweet of her sinking a basket at an event celebrating the 50th anniversary of Title IX at the American University sports center.

Except there was a small edit there: they cut out the five misses before that. Who knew she couldn’t score? She did manage to sink one, after her husband gave her a tip to bend her knees.

Talk about fake. At least Barack Obama posted his bricks. “Can she do anything well?” the RNC asked. But truly, that’s a metaphor for both her job ability and this administration. They keep getting it wrong, but they don’t want to tell you the reality of it all.

On top of that, the irony is that it’s at a Title IX event, as the Biden team and the Democrats are eviscerating the rights of women in sports. Heck, they don’t even want to admit what a woman is! How can they celebrate (or protect) Title IX, then? This is an empty gesture, while they’re gutting it with their real actions.

They just can’t get it right. Joe Biden wrapped it all up when he couldn’t even get the title right for Kamala’s husband, Doug Emhoff.

I guess we should be grateful that at least he didn’t call Harris “president” again.

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