Thursday, June 16, 2022

Climate ‘fuhrer’ ripped for urging censorship of Biden critics

Climate ‘fuhrer’ ripped for urging censorship of Biden critics

A demand from President Joe Biden’s climate czar that social media take down criticism of the administration’s energy policies has drawn an angry response from free speech environmental advocates who have eagerly ripped the green initiatives.

Top officials from several outlets slammed Gina McCarthy, former President Barack Obama’s environmental director, for suggesting on Thursday that Big Tech censor anyone who challenges climate change claims made by the administration.

She went so far as to charge critics with spreading “disinformation,” a word that has triggered sites including Facebook and Twitter to pull posts off their platforms.

In a statement to Secrets, Steve Milloy of the Energy and Environment Legal Institute labeled McCarthy as Biden’s “climate fuhrer” and said she is “the one peddling disinformation.”

He added, “Psychologists have a term for McCarthy’s use of disinformation. It’s called projection. She’s actually doing what she accuses others of doing."

In an Axios virtual interview, McCarthy said, “The tech companies have to stop allowing specific individuals over and over again to spread disinformation. ... We need the tech companies to really jump in.”

Social media firms have moved to censor some criticism of climate change warnings, but McCarthy appears to want more at a time when people are paying record high gas and diesel prices and are eager for cheaper fuel.

“Now it has moved from denial, but the dark money is still there,” McCarthy said. “The fossil fuel companies are still basically trying their best to make sure that people don’t understand the challenge of climate."

“Gina McCarthy is urging a frightening end-run around constitutional free speech protections, and Big Tech happily colludes with government for this illegal purpose. It's time for the American people to denounce and protest this assault on our democracy,” said James Taylor, president of the Heartland Institute.

Gregory Wrightstone, geologist and executive director of the CO2 Coalition, said, "Climate czarina Gina McCarthy is advocating further censorship of any and all criticism of planetary doom linked to a false climate crisis. They don't want the public to know that our ecosystems are thriving and that humanity is prospering precisely owing to modestly increasing temperature and more carbon dioxide.”

And Frank Lasee, former Wisconsin state senator and former member of Gov. Scott Walker’s administration, said, "It is un-American to censor those that question the Democratic Party or government narrative. That is something that dictatorships and communist China do to opponents of the regime. It shouldn't ever be done here in America.”

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