Monday, June 13, 2022

Democrats Admit the True Purpose of J6 Hearings

Democrats Admit the True Purpose of J6 Hearings

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The Democrats’ partisan January 6th Committee hearings are going prime time this week, and Fox News is getting flak from the usual left-wing suspects.

“Fox News won’t air the January 6 hearings because they prefer their sedition made fresh on-site,” Hillary Clinton quipped on Twitter. I think she should hire a new joke writer.

“FOX won’t televise the hearings of the greatest Crime in Presidential history,” tweeted Rob Reiner. “Our Democracy is hanging by a thread.” Cry me a river, Meathead.

The fact is, there’s only one reason why any network will air the hearings of these pointless, blatantly partisan hearings—and it has nothing to do with the so-called insurrection. It has to do with helping the Democrats in the upcoming midterms.

This isn’t a guess. They’ve already admitted to this. “Jan. 6 Hearings Give Democrats a Chance to Recast Midterm Message,” reads the headline at the New York Times about the hearings—showing absolutely no shame that government resources are being used for blatantly partisan purposes.

“With their control of Congress hanging in the balance, Democrats plan to use made-for-television moments and a carefully choreographed rollout of revelations over the course of six hearings…to persuade voters that the coming midterm elections are a chance to hold Republicans accountable for it,” the report explained.

The article goes on to quote Democrat lawmakers and operatives all but admitting the purpose of the hearings is to distract voters from astronomical gas prices and historic inflation.

Several Democrat operatives and politicians were quoted in the story admitting that the hearings might provide the political clout their party needs for the midterm elections. Battling rampant inflation, a war in Eastern Europe, and rising prices for gas and other goods, Democrats seem poised to use the January 6 hearings to make a political point about Republicans.

“When these hearings are over, voters will know how irresponsibly complicit Republicans were in attempting to toss out their vote and just how far Republicans will go to gain power for themselves,” said Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, the chairman of the DCCC.

Anat Shenker-Osorio, the founder of ASO Communications, a left-wing political consulting firm, says that the hearings will motivate Democratic base “surge voters” and “swing voters.”

“Jan. 6 is very much salient and highly negative to these likely midterm voters,” she said, according to the New York Times.

Republicans, however, have blasted the blatantly partisan hearings.

“Instead of focusing on $5 gas, 6,000 illegal immigrants a day, record fentanyl deaths, or the violent criminals terrorizing America democrats use taxpayer money on a TV producer for the prime time political infomercial from the Jan 6th circus,” Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) tweeted Monday.

The J6 Committee has already come under fire for its leaks and false information. With these televised hearings, Democrats will certainly take their lies to the masses with their political theatre.

We have to do something about it.

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