Thursday, June 23, 2022




If I were pro-abortion, that is what I would say to the demonstrators who showed up outside Justice Amy Barrett’s house earlier today. Here they are marching through her neighborhood. Of course, there weren’t many of them:

Here they have arrived in front of her house:

What is extremely weird about this particular protest is that the women have smeared fake blood over their pants and are carrying dolls meant to represent babies. I really don’t get that. Hasn’t showing pictures of aborted babies always been an anti-abortion tactic? How can reminding people of babies possibly help the pro-abortion cause?


These demonstrations outside justices’ homes have never been popular, as I noted here (16% approval, 76% disapproval). Moreover, they are illegal under federal law. Don’t hold your breath waiting for Merrick Garland to enforce that particular statute, as selective enforcement is the rule in Democratic Departments of Justice.

Still, in this case, if I were Garland I would consider making an exception to the Democrats’ laws-are-enforced-only-against-conservatives principle. There is no way these bizarre demonstrators are helping the Democrats’ case.

Moreover, far-left pro-abortion groups are planning domestic terrorism if the Dobbs decision comes down as expected (“We need to get angry. We need the state to feel our full wrath.”) But some pro-abortion activists haven’t waited for the Dobbs decision, as numerous pro-life organizations and pregnancy centers have been vandalized or burned.

All of which will help Republicans in November.

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