Tuesday, June 21, 2022

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         THE WAY I SEE IT   by Don Polson Red Bluff Daily News   6/21/2022

Bet you never thought you’d see it

A crude but apt military phrase used by grunts or swabbies to sarcastically dismiss the screwups inherent in massive armies or navies: SNAFU, or Systems Normal All (Fouled) Up. Substitute the White House Occupant’s name and it’s SNABU, or Systems Normal All Bidened Up. All current problems have his fingerprints plastered about.

From historically high, burdensome gas prices, to double digit inflation for many economic basics, to shortages of common products like baby formula and tampons (“women” defined: tampon users), to a southern border that’s basically a massive turnstile for the world’s refuse and flotsam yearning to flaunt our laws for the gravy train of American benefits. It’s an historic confluence of disasters with persecution of political enemies.

People and businesses make mistakes, resulting in personal tragedy or economic demise from “foul ups”; militaries throughout history suffered fatal strategies, tactics or supply/equipment failures, to the grievous misfortune of soldiers and their nations.

Wartime aside, it takes governments, especially modern behemoths, to enact wrong-headed policies that result in inconvenience and misery on a nightmarish scale. These are glitches, mistakes, even disasters to citizens—features or benefits to those who see “crisis as an opportunity to do things you couldn’t do otherwise.”

In addition to the above crises, you probably didn’t think you’d see: a proxy war with Russia (didn’t happen under Trump); blackouts anticipated in much of the U.S. this summer; parents being investigated for domestic terrorism because they don’t want school groomers talking to their kids about sex; nationwide drag-queen story hours for innocent children;

A nationwide crime surge thanks primarily to lenient, soft-on-crime (Democrat) policing and prosecuting; record-high numbers of children and teens facing mental health crises; and abortion extremists egged on by Democrats. Up to the Oval Office, they turn a blind eye to terrorism of crisis-pregnancy centers, and threats to Supreme Court justices and conservative lawmakers.

Bombastic Senatorial bully, Chuck Schumer, issued clear verbal threats to Justices Kavanaugh and Gorsuch, who’ll “reap the whirlwind…you won’t know what hit you.” No retraction nor humble apology for what he mendaciously referred to as the “strong language of Brooklyn.” No Democrats ever decried—nor demanded the end of—violent, destructive and murderous race riots of 2020 over George Floyd’s death (of fentanyl overdose and arrest-resistance-induced heart failure).

The damning conclusion, in “A Few Good Men,” was that the Marines, under the Jack Nicholson general’s command, were so keen to not disobey orders that it was inconceivable they would haze a fellow Marine to death absent the general’s approval. From Antifa to BLM to fanatical pro-abortion intimidators unjustifiably, illegally destroying the tranquility of Justices’ homes and neighbors, the mobs knew they had the implicit approval and permission of an entire political (Democrat) party.

If Democrats wished it to stop, they’d say so in no uncertain terms. If the Democrat press wanted to gin up outrage over an intended assassination of Justice Kavanaugh, they would have started with top-of-the-fold, segment-leading, panel-focused “concern,” not page 20 obscurity (the Times).

Had a right wing nutjob equipped to take hostages and kill showed up at Justice Sotomayor’s home, the state-approved press would have turned it into a rerun of the Gabby Giffords shooting (by a nonpolitical lunatic). Instead, the “air brushing” began immediately, like the erasing of the Bernie Sanders-loving progressive and his attempted mass murder of congressional Republicans at softball practice in 2017.

Instead, the Democrats’ quasi-royal Nancy Pelosi slow-walked a unanimously-passed Senate bill to protect Justices, waving hands wildly over her self-serving amendments—then left the stage past obvious “executive security” waiting to accompany Pelosi. Guards for me, not for thee.

You say the whole party shouldn’t be tarnished. Really? But every Republican bears a red “T” for Donald J. Trump’s (nonexistent) perfidy. No Republicans approved of the Capitol violence, we condemned it.

However, a (leftwing) Southern Poverty Law Center-commissioned poll found almost half (44%) of under-50 male Democrats think it’s acceptable to assassinate a politician “who is harming the country or our democracy.” Most disagree; but they take their cues from leaders’ rhetoric.

The Jan. 6 (illegitimate, illegal, one-sided) committee issues endless falsehoods, with highly-edited, selectively-quoted Republicans, video limited to the violent side of the Capitol, not the many Trump supporters peacefully ushered in through opened doors past guards. Intentionally, no rebuttals, cross-examinations or Republican members; and no investigation or testimony about FBI informants, enablers, instigators and provocateurs (A.G. Merrick Garland testified he couldn’t deny FBI agents’ roles in the riot).

Trump’s speech simply acknowledged protesters’ plan to march—urging it be done “peacefully and patriotically”; his timely tweet told his supporters that, in spite of a “stolen” election, “you have to go home. Now we have to have peace; we have to have law and order.”

Democrats won’t inform you of Trump’s days-prior offer of 20,000 troops, refused by Pelosi and Schumer; intelligence of planned violence, ignored by same; and that no cops died from the riot, just two Trump supporters at the hands of officers. You’ll not hear about the illegal, unconstitutional election rule changes, the “2000 Mules” exposure of illegal ballot trafficking sufficient for Trump to win, or any of the other irrefutable evidence I recounted in most of ten columns after the election.

“Election deniers”: the AP “style book” way to tarnish Republicans stating that fraud plainly occurred—but never applied to “election deniers” of Bush’s 2000 and 2004 wins, Trump’s 2016 win, or Brian Kemp’s win over Stacey Abrams in Georgia. Democrats’ “assault on democracy”? The one-party, J6 “show trial,” and blatantly partisan coverage, is Leninist—guilt first, then trial.

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