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LOL: Liberal Media Gets Devastating News From Its Own Poll

LOL: Liberal Media Gets Devastating News From Its Own Poll

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The radical left is as obsessed as ever with the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, desperately trying to blame Trump and thwart his potential 2024 run. The left-wing media has covered the committee investigation as much as possible and broadcast the primetime hearings on Thursday night.

But if the media thought this was an effective strategy, it just got some devastating news, as Trump’s political standing has only improved since Jan. 6, 2021, rather than getting worse.

“A majority of Americans (55%) now believe that Trump was either not or only partially responsible for the rioters who overtook the Capitol, according to a recent NBC News poll,” reports CNN’s Harry Enten. “That’s up from 47% in January 2021.”

Regardless of whether you believed that polls accurately captured Trump’s approval ratings during his presidency, he consistently polled underwater in most surveys, but his net favorability is now -9 points, which is actually an improvement.

“He averaged a net approval rating during his presidency of -12 points,” notes Enten. “A 3-point jump in net popularity may not seem like much, but his current net favorability rating is higher than 86% of his net approval ratings during his presidency. If nothing else, it’s 10 points higher than his net approval rating at the end of his time in office.

The report also painfully acknowledged that Trump is besting Biden in most 2024 matchup polls.

“In 2024 matchups against President Joe Biden, Trump is running a point or two ahead of Biden, on average,” Enten acknowledged, though he tried to downplay those numbers by suggesting that “it wouldn’t be particularly impressive for most politicians to be leading, within the margin of error, a President with a low-40s approval rating.”

However, Enten concedes that Trump has been ahead in “more polls against Biden over the past few months than he was for the entirety of 2020,” which clearly suggests that Trump is in a much stronger position going into 2024 than he was in 2020, which explains why, according to a new report from New York magazine, Democrats are starting to panic about the 2024 election.

There are growing calls within the Democratic Party for Joe Biden to commit not to run again in 2024, and the one Democrat who polls above the rest of the likely candidates is Kamala Harris — whose poll numbers are even worse than Biden’s. So, as well as Trump polls against Biden, the likely 2024 Democratic nominee alternative to Biden would perform even worse.

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Despite the mainstream media’s best efforts, Trump’s position since leaving office just gets better … and that has to sting.

But what makes Harry Enten’s analysis humorous is his explanation for Trump’s improved popularity. “So just what happened to allow Trump to become less unpopular?” he asked. “The answer is probably simple: time.”

Yeah, that’s what it is … time!

“Trump is no longer the president,” Enten correctly observed. “Americans’ memories tend to be very short. Issues that once seemed important (e.g., controlling the coronavirus pandemic) have sunk to the bottom of the priorities list for most voters, as new concerns arise (e.g., inflation).”

It is clearly lost on Enten that Americans realize that things were much better under Trump than under Biden, who was supposed to be the adult in the room — you know, the elder statesman who was going to bring both parties together to compromise and do the business of the American people.

Instead, what we got was a border crisis, historic inflation, record-high gas prices, and more COVID-19 deaths. Trump’s approval ratings boost and his edge in 2024 matchup polling are reflections of the American people recognizing that things were better under Trump than they are now under Biden.

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