Sunday, June 19, 2022

Libs of TikTok Exposes Twitter's Naked Hatred of Conservatives

Libs of TikTok Exposes Twitter's Naked Hatred of Conservatives

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The worst-kept secret in today’s society is that liberals really, really, really hate conservatives. It’s not just conservative ideas and principles. It’s conservatives as people. The left has gone full-bore Alinsky whenever the opportunity arises, personally persecuting any who dare to contract their satanic mantra. Libs of TikTok, who has borne the full brunt of personal attacks for having the unmitigated gall to reprint liberal’s own words, has caught wind of yet another deliberate assault, this time (more like all the time, really) coming from Twitter. She writes:

Conservative Twitter accounts are dropping like flies. Just today, Allie Stuckey was locked out for “hateful conduct.” Her crime? She criticized Fox News for celebrating a child’s gender transition. There was nothing hateful about her tweet. She wasn’t harassing anyone. She certainly didn’t call for violence. She merely dissented.

That’s all it takes.

LOTT has brought receipts in the form of a conversation between Twitter employees. The screenshots from an internal message board highlight the utter hysteria that somehow, we conservatives are about to go on a massive murderous rampage against trans people because we’re not keen on drag queens reading stories to our children. The entire conversation is at LOTT’s site; here are some “highlights:”

Referring to LOTT’s Twitter account:

like i don’t get how this account, which exists
solely to generate targeted violence at
marginalized people, continues to be allowed
to post

Someone else chimed in:

But if we deplatform this account, we might
erode trust in our platform from users who
already think we’re irredeemably biased
against conservatives 😱

I mean we successfully deplatformed Trump
I don’t think deplatforming Libs of TikTok is
going to cause a mass exodus but I guess it
may not be in our “fiduciary” interest to
enact a ban on a high profile account right

The response is hysterical. Literally hysterical.

trans people are being targeted for genocidal
violence during pride month,

Maybe in Iran. Here they get parades. But no matter; of course, there is an immediate apology for the phantom offense.

I apologize – I was not speaking from
my own perspective but applying a
commentary on how leadership has behaved
recently. I could have phrased that better
and will be more conscious in future
messages. I despise and despair the activity
that is currently flourishing on our platform
and empowering white supremacists/fascists
to act with impunity in conducting harmful
emotional and physical violence on trans folx
and the broader LGBTQ+ community.

Quick question. Has anyone seen a single tweet advocating violence against gay or trans or Alpha-Bits people? A. Single. One? No. That makes all of us.

Why pushing the perversion envelope is the hill liberals have decided to plant their crosses upon which to nail themselves is a mystery. Do these people honestly believe we are talking about anything more than an utterly minuscule minority of people? Are they deathly afraid someone will cut off the ready flow of money to physicians and pharmaceutical manufacturers alike if they call permanent chemical and surgical mutilations of very temporarily confused kids what it is — unconscionable?

When someone willingly stands on insanity’s shifting sands, no wonder that person hates people whose feet are on solid rock.

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