Thursday, June 23, 2022

The January 6th Hearings Are in Limbo Again for a Laughable Reason

The January 6th Hearings Are in Limbo Again for a Laughable Reason

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

In the minds of the mainstream media and too-online Democrats, the January 6th hearings are going just great. It doesn’t matter that no actual evidence of an organized coup has been presented. It doesn’t matter that nothing has been shown connecting Donald Trump to the Capitol breach. The orange man is bad, and Liz Cheney said he’s bad during primetime, so the hearings are a success.

Except they aren’t a success. Hyped as a way to send Trump to jail, the hearings have instead offered more of the same emoting we’ve been hearing for a year and a half. That’s left the committee scrambling to find anything that can turn things around, and with one postponement already on the books, the hearings are now being pushed off until after the July 4th recess.

They think you are stupid. Does anyone honestly believe that they are postponing these hearings because they received a magical new tranch of evidence that will finally provide a smoking gun? Or that they are adding more hearings because they couldn’t have possibly foreseen how much there is to cover?

Remember, these things have been planned and scripted out for months. But now, right before the clock strikes midnight, they are reassessing because they’ve just got too much darn evidence to handle.

Come on, no one believes that, and no one should believe that. It’s a pathetic way to brush off the fact that these hearings are falling apart and that the committee is now feeling the pressure to come up with anything that can drag things out. We started this process with promises of direct evidence that Trump organized the unrest on January 6th. All they’ve delivered are delays, confusion, and mumblings about documentary videos.

Who decided to hold the hearings like this anyway? Usually, hearings occur over the course of days in a concise manner in order to keep the public’s attention. For the January 6th committee to try to drag this out over multiple months makes its members look weak and unprepared, unable to deliver on what they promised. The longer they stretch things out, the fewer people will be engaged. Wasn’t the goal to persuade people?

Nothing about this gambit makes any sense. Did the committee really think they could just rant enough that Trump would suddenly be wiped off the national stage? Or is the game here to keep this in the news until the election in hopes it somehow saves Democrats from the coming red wave? Both calculations are asinine. Trump isn’t going anywhere, and as to the election, these hearings have done nothing but make Democrats appear completely out of touch. After all, who cares about a rehash of January 6th when gas is $5 a gallon and they can’t afford groceries?

Everything about this is strategically and tactically stupid. Democrats overplayed their hand, creating an expectation that their case is so strong that it will lead to criminal charges for Trump. When that doesn’t happen, it will only depress the Democrat base more heading into the mid-terms. Meanwhile, Liz Cheney’s political career is about to end, and for what? So she could lock arms with Nancy Pelosi before heading over to do hits on MSNBC? For her sake, I hope it was worth it.

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