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I have always bristled at descriptions of the Republicans as the “stupid party” (as opposed to Democrats who are the “evil party”). But, to be fair, there have been plenty of times when the stereotype fit. These days, however, the Republicans are fighting a spirited and often creative battle against the worst administration since James Buchanan’s–coincidentally, another Democrat.

I have no idea who Tommy Pigott is–it might even be a nom de guerre–but I get emails from him every day, on behalf of the Republican National Committee. And they generally are very good. Today I received two that are worth highlighting, both because of their sharp content and because they suggest that the Republican Party may finally be getting smart.

The first has to do with gas prices, about which the Democrats are hopelessly conflicted. The truth is that they want energy costs to rise so as to facilitate their “transition” to wind and solar energy. That is much like the “transition” of a car that drives off a cliff from the road above to a rocky ravine below, with attendant casualties. But the Democrats haven’t figured that out yet.

At the same time, they understand that voters want to be able to fuel their cars and heat their homes, so most of the time they don’t admit that they are trying to drive prices higher–although sometimes they do–and if gasoline prices dip they are happy to falsely claim credit. That gave rise to this email from Tommy P.:

Happy 6 month anniversary to this tweet that was so bad it would be hilarious if not so pathetic.

That is pretty funny.

Let’s check in on how gas prices are going so we can give Biden his due.

Yikes…and it’s not just the DCCC who stepped in it. Biden has officially stopped claiming he is “making progress” on gas prices. Instead he’s saying there is nothing he can do to bring down the #BidenGasHike. If only Biden hadn’t attacked American energy from day one.

We agree with the DCCC on one thing: we all have Biden to “thank” for gas prices.

You have to admit, that is pretty darn good. Now on to today’s second Pigott email, on infant formula. But first, I note that while the catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan started Biden’s collapse in public esteem, the formula fiasco might be the blunder that cements Democratic losses in the midterm elections. The current shortage is entirely an artifact of bad federal government policy, as we noted here. Nevertheless, the shortage came as a surprise to those who created it.

The indomitable Tommy Pigott was on top of the issue today with not one, but two emails. I will highlight this one, with subject heading “Biden insults mothers by claiming ‘progress.'” The email has copious links, which I have omitted here. Every statement is documented:

The Biden White House literally put out a website today BRAGGING about their response to the baby formula crisis.

On the website’s homepage, there are no resources for mothers, just the administration touting the “progress” they’ve made as mothers desperately search for food for their children.

According to Datasembly, baby formula out-of-stock rates have risen from below 5% in January 2021, to 43% at the beginning of last month, to 70% last week.

That graphic is crushing.

That is not “progress.” That is a complete and utter failure. As even CNN notes, “they should have seen this coming.” Biden is engaged in the most disastrous crisis response since Afghanistan – a desperate airlift is not a sign of success.

Call me an optimist, but I think the GOP may be on its way to being the Smart Party. And Tommy Pigott deserves some credit. If you are not yet getting these emails and would like to receive them–every day!–I think you can sign up by emailing tpigott@GOP.COM. Hopefully thousands of our readers will follow up. And maybe we will have Tommy himself on a VIP Live show or a PL Podcast before long. We like to promote effective Republicans.

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