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Bill and Hillary's midterm message: "We are standing on the precipice of losing our democracy"

Bill and Hillary's midterm message: "We are standing on the precipice of losing our democracy"

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Maybe these two should sit this one out. The most corrupt political couple in recent history is weighing in with messages meant to scare voters to the polls in November. Democrats face an epic shellacking in the November midterm elections. Lacking any productive ideas, the Clintons offer a doom and gloom scenario if Republicans manage to pull off the red wave that will surely come.

There were two separate interviews. Bill Clinton was a guest on James Corden’s late-night television show while Hillary Clinton was interviewed over lunch by the Financial Times. The message was the same, though. American democracy is teetering on the edge of existence. They spoke after the third January 6 committee hearing. A new poll says a majority of both Democrats and Republicans believe America will “cease to exist” as a democracy. Let me stop here and note that first, America is a constitutional republic, not a democracy, and the poll referenced is one that surveyed only 1,541 adults. There is no distinction made if they are registered or likely voters.

Their interviews followed the Yahoo News/YouGov poll released on Wednesday showing that 55% of Democrats and 53% of Republicans share that belief in a stunning sign of pessimism about the country’s future.

Additionally the poll found that a majority of Republicans – 52% – say it’s likely that ‘there will be a civil war in the United States in [their] lifetime’ while half of independents – 50% – and a plurality of Democrats – 46% – agree.

The poll, which surveyed 1,541 adults and was conduced from June 10 (the day of the first January 6th hearing) until June 13 (the day of the second hearing), also found Americans have largely given up on one another.

Members of both parties picked negative phrases to describe the person across the political aisle.

Bill Clinton told James Corden Wednesday night that he fears the United States could ‘completely lose our constitutional democracy’. Imagine that kind of hackery coming from a former president, especially one so corrupt as Bill Clinton. Our constitutional republic survived his years in office which, included the first impeachment since Andrew Johnson. Naturally, Bubba found a very sympathetic interviewer in James Corden.

Corden asked Clinton how he stays ‘so positive in what has been a very, very dark few years’, without mentioning Donald Trump by name.

The Democrat admitted it was ‘impossible to be pessimistic about the future’ while he was watching his grandchildren growing up, but went on to paint a bleak picture of America’s future – just hours after the third hearing from the January 6 committee hearing.

‘I actually think there’s a fair chance that we could completely lose our constitutional democracy for a couple of decades if we keep making — if we make bad decisions, Clinton added.

‘I’m not naive about this. I’ve been in a lot of fights. I’ve lost some, won a bunch. I’ve been elated and heartbroken,’ he continued.

‘But I’ve never before been as worried about the structure of our democratic form of government,’ he added.

Hillary’s lunch interview with the reporter from the Financial Times was a bit more traditional. On Friday she was asked why Democrats seem hellbent on losing elections by focusing on causes that only affect a small minority of voters – like transgender activism.

Reporter Edward Luce suggested to her that the Democrats ‘seem to be going out of their way to lose elections by elevating activist causes, notably the transgender debate, which are relevant only to a small minority’.

‘We are standing on the precipice of losing our democracy, and everything that everybody else cares about then goes out the window.’

‘Look, the most important thing is to win the next election. The alternative is so frightening that whatever does not help you win should not be a priority.

It’s really quite ballsy for these two grifters to be weighing in at this point in time, especially in the aftermath of what has been exposed of Hillary’s campaign’s involvement in trying to overturn the 2016 presidential election. Hillary was in such denial of her loss to Donald Trump, a social friend of her and Bill, that her campaign conjured up a story meant to destroy Trump’s victory and that led to a narrative that continues today from Democrats that Trump was a puppet for Mad Vlad Putin. It was an outlandish plot from the start but Democrats fell for it hook, line, and sinker.

Hillary was the one who first coined the words ‘the vast right-wing conspiracy’ when Bill first ran for president. Their troubles are always because of evil Republicans, not because of their own actions. The irony is that the problems Democrats face in November are all self-inflicted. American voters have had enough of the constant lecturing about social issues when their priorities are simply trying to survive in Biden’s America. Inflation, supply chain shortages, national security, and our open borders are much more important to most Americans than climate change or gender and sexuality issues.

Hillary and Bill are irrelevant in today’s politics. That is what happens to aging former presidents and first ladies. When Republicans take back the House and possibly the Senate in November, and very likely the White House in 2024, the Clintons will continue their transition into being completely irrelevant. Instead of gracefully stepping aside, they cling to the spotlight, especially Hillary.

Our constitutional republic is strong, despite the doom and gloom from the Clintons. America has survived many challenges, including the Clintons time in power. Hillary will not even be held accountable for her role in trying to overturn the 2016 election.

Bill Clinton advised Americans to “be vigilant.,” He told the audience the country has to “stand up for what we believe in.” Then he said, “And don’t return hatred with hatred.” Perhaps he should mention that to his wife, the one who labeled Trump voters as Deplorables.

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