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The “Biden administration” apparently intends to lift the Title 42 restriction on illegal immigration that was imposed by the Trump administration. This move is deeply unpopular, but the radicals who run the administration don’t care. They know they are going to lose control of Congress in November and most likely will lose the presidency in 2024. So they are determined to bring about as much irreversible change as possible, as soon as they can.

Facilitating illegal immigration is at the top of the Left’s priorities because liberals want to remake America demographically. They think that minority voters belong to them, more or less automatically. And the more “diverse” America becomes, the more effective the Democrats’ strategy of fomenting hatred among racial, ethnic and religious groups will be.

How can normal Americans respond to the Democrats’ assault on our sovereignty? I have a good friend and email correspondent who for years has been arguing that illegals should be housed where liberals live. That, more than anything, might bring the Democrats’ scheme to a screeching halt. Almost exactly three years ago, I quoted my friend in a post:

At a minimum, over my children’s lifetime, the immigration celebrationists are planning on adding a minimum of 120 million in increased population — the entire population of the United States in 1920! More likely, the increase is in the vicinity of 180 million, the entire population of the United States just before the disastrous 1965 Act!!

Where do they suppose we are going to put the equivalent of the entire population of the U.S. as of 1960 between now and 2065? Next to where they live? In the Hamptons, perhaps? Or Marin County, California? Maybe the pristine little New England towns in the suburbs of Boston? Montgomery County, MD? Westchester County, anyone? How about Martha’s Vineyard or Hyannisport? Plenty of room!

Republican politicians are starting to catch on. Ron DeSantis got the ball rolling by requesting an appropriation to bus illegals who have been sneaked unlawfully into Florida by the Biden administration to Delaware. Now Texas Governor Greg Abbott has gotten into the act. He announced a plan to bus illegals who have made their way into Texas because of Biden’s intentionally lax border enforcement to Washington, D.C.

That is a great idea, although of course liberals will argue in the courts that it is “illegal” to enforce the law. But, while Delaware and D.C. are certainly appropriate destinations, I prefer my friend’s proposal. And so does Ted Cruz:

Yes, let’s send 40,000 illegals to Martha’s Vineyard (current population about 18,000). That would get the Democrats’ attention in a hurry! And I like the idea of sending them to Marin County, too. Have you been there lately? Lots of wide open spaces–probably room for 200,000 or more illegals. And the liberals would welcome them with open arms. Wouldn’t they? I don’t see how they can possibly object.

Those 240,000 illegals would hardly put a dent in the millions that the Biden administration is enticing to our border. There will be plenty left over for the Hamptons, for every quaint New England village, for the liberal D.C. suburbs, and other places where the Left holds sway. How about San Francisco? Have you seen photos of Nancy Pelosi’s mansion there? It could house at least 50 illegals, maybe 75. Given her enthusiastic support for illegal immigration, Nancy can’t have a problem with that. Can she?

One of the fundamental problems in our political life is that the wealthy elitists who finance and control liberal politicians rarely have to live with the disastrous consequences of their policies. Who cares about crime when you live in a gated community far from the urban core and can afford private security? Who cares about inflation when you already have millions put away and your stocks and real estate rise with the tide? Who cares about horrible public schools when your children wouldn’t dream of setting foot in one? Thus, there is every reason to make liberals feel the heat, where they live, on illegal immigration.

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