Sunday, April 17, 2022

Conservative Student Forced to Hide in Bathroom to Escape Woke Mob Protesting Allen West Lecture

Conservative Student Forced to Hide in Bathroom to Escape Woke Mob Protesting Allen West Lecture

J. Scott Applewhite

The president of the conservative Young Americans for Freedom club on the campus of the University of Buffalo was forced to run for her life and hide in a bathroom after a woke mob targeted her and began to chase her from a lecture given by conservative activist Allen West.

“They were a very angry mob, and they were clearly saying that they were trying to chase me, that they wanted to capture me,” Therese Purcell said in an appearance on Fox News Monday. “I’m afraid of what would have happened if I wasn’t able to hide from them.”

Washington Examiner:

“This despicable attack on conservative students prove exactly why YAF’s campus lectures are needed––to pop the liberal bubble and expose the hideous reality of the intolerant Left,” YAF spokeswoman Kara Zupkus wrote in a post on the organization’s website.

That may very well be true. But first, she has to survive the infantile tantrum-throwing by the woke mob that uses stormtrooper tactics to silence dissent.

Fox News:

Purcell claimed the threats escalated as protesters started screaming “no peace,” and “banging on the walls,” prompting Lt. Col. West to be escorted out by police.

Purcell said she followed him out alongside officials, but the mob quickly began to target her personally urging one another to “capture” her. She escaped into a bathroom to just barely evade the angry crowd.

“It was a really crazy event that we were trying to bring a Black voice to campus to talk about these issues of racism and American exceptionalism, and while they were screaming that we were trying to silence Black voices, we were actually trying to bring this conversation to campus,” Purcell stated.

Given the psychology of the mob, the “capture” of Purcell could very well have resulted in her being beaten to death. She was absolutely right to flee for her life.

Purcell seems genuinely perplexed that West’s “black voice” was not met with a receptive audience. She’s very young and will learn very quickly.

The woke mob is not interested in debate. They don’t want dialogue. They are ignorant of the forms and procedures of democratic dissent. They don’t care about other human beings at all.

They’re too stupid to realize they’re destroying the country. Or if they do realize it, they believe that to be a good thing.

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