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Watch: Chuck Todd Bitterly Admits Democrat Capitol Riot ‘Investigation’ Ploy Not Going as Planned

Watch: Chuck Todd Bitterly Admits Democrat Capitol Riot ‘Investigation’ Ploy Not Going as Planned

Katherine Frey/The Washington Post via AP, Pool

We wrote Wednesday on how Democrats on Capitol Hill were coming to the painful (for them) realization that most voters were more concerned about kitchen table issues like inflation and putting food on the table than they were about the Democrats’ sham Capitol riot “investigation.”

For those who missed it, Axios reported that Democrats were telling them their concerns about how the leaks that are coming out of their probe are impacting voter perceptions, especially at a time when voters are “distracted by inflation, Ukraine and the lingering coronavirus pandemic.” Further, the news outlet also noted they had learned that a key goal of the Jan. 6 Committee was to build “drama, mystery — and widespread public interest — ahead of hearings slated for June and the release of its report later this summer.”

In other words, Democrats confirmed they’ve been trying to slow-roll the “investigation” in order to drag it out over a period of several months in a crucial election year – and that their efforts to manipulate the public were so far failing.

While it’s not clear that Chuck Todd and the panelists on his “Meet the Press Daily” program were aware of the Axios story, during a back-and-forth exchange Wednesday on how–in Todd’s words– Republicans were likely “gonna get power [in November] based on a lie,” it was discussed during the segment about how in one Republican Congressman’s words “nobody cares about January 6th except for the press”:

TODD: The irony, Eugene, here is I don’t know if this matters on the campaign trail – at all.

EUGENE SCOTT [THE WASHINGTON POST NATIONAL POLITICAL REPORTER]: Oh, it absolutely doesn’t. Yeah, [Republican Congressman] Glenn Grothman from Wisconsin told The Washington Post, “Nobody cares about January 6th except for the press.” He literally said that. And so as long as voters are not going to hold these lawmakers accountable for this, they don’t have anything to worry about.

TODD: I think I’ve seen – I have probably watched a thousand television ads this cycle, I think I’ve seen two on January 6th, Audrey. I mean, that is something. And even Kevin McCarthy, he’s not yet – he hasn’t – what the right has done with Nancy Pelosi, the left has not done with Kevin McCarthy, have they?

AUDREY FAHLBERG [REPORTER, THE DISPATCH]: I think that right now the Republicans are really trying to express that their voters care about inflation, the border, things like that. I mean, focusing on January 6th is simply not something that they care about. They always change the topic of conversation when I ask them about this, either in public or in private. So I think that it’s gonna continue to be like that leading up to the midterms.

TODD: And sadly […] even though what would be right for the history books, what would be right for this investigation, there is no upside for Kevin McCarthy to voluntarily participate in the January 6th investigation, is there?

Todd, a Democrat apologist if there ever was one, was visibly agitated during the discussion, clearly upset at having to admit that Republican refusals to play along were working, and that the left’s admitted tactics on dragging out the investigation into the midterms in hopes of gaining some political momentum were not going as planned:

The even worse news for Todd and his liberally biased guests is that Republicans aren’t brainwashing voters on how inflation is – understandably – more important and impactful to their everyday lives than a politically-motivated partisan witch hunt into the events of Jan. 6th.

Even Todd knows that voters themselves have been saying in the polls for months now that inflation and economic matters were among their top worries, with the Capitol riot investigation ranking low on their priority lists. Any political analyst worth their salt will tell you that come election time, if voters are struggling to make ends meet and to provide for their families, pretty much nothing else that is going on is going to matter to them more than that — and they will vote accordingly by punishing the party in power.

It’s just that simple, and no amount of teeth-gnashing and pearl-clutching from out of touch Beltway anchors and reporters will ever change that.

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