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Ready, Set, GROOM! Teachers are Recruiting Our Kids Into the Transgender Life with Books and Games

Ready, Set, GROOM! Teachers are Recruiting Our Kids Into the Transgender Life with Books and Games

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For a group who “isn’t grooming kids,” the left is grooming lots of kids.

Before we get started, I just want to remind you that a transgender boy in a skirt anally raped a girl in a school’s ladies’ restroom, and his school district tried to cover it up. No one was sent to jail. The rapist was transferred to another school, where he sexually assaulted another girl.

Even though we have been assured that there is no grooming going on in schools, the video below shows a lot of attention-starved, science-denying leftists brainwashing kids in schools.

Apparently, these same people are adding “pronouns” to our vocabulary, like ” viramoric, moppa, nini, and pom-pom,” which is apparently the combo of pop and mom.


I remember when adults had the option of standing out in society with their deeds, not their desperate LOOK AT ME approach to life — and that’s coming from a guy who spent the early 80’s looking like I got kicked out of Echo and the Bunnymen.

Where have we seen a group of people like this before?

Does anyone else see a pattern? An ugly, overly-dyed pattern? This reminds me of the Antifa teacher caught indoctrinating students into Marxism.

Either way, the grooming is ongoing and the commies aren’t even trying to hide it.

There’s a new game for kids age 4-9 called “Playing with Pronouns.” From the seller’s  website:

Read more about our Playing with Pronouns Card Deck. Simple card games to breakdown stereotypes, practice inclusive pronouns & expand everyday understanding beyond the binary for ages 4-9.

Playing with Pronouns is an educational card deck for young children designed to expand gender while learning and playing games. It rose directly from our experience as parents. We needed ways to foster inclusion and respect that were fun and could easily expand into our everyday life.

What is this game based on?

Based on our children’s books, They She He Me: Free to Be, and They, She, He easy as ABC  this revolutionary card deck uses PLAY and PRONOUNS as a familiar way to address gender with young kids.

But I thought the left wasn’t grooming kids? Games and books dedicated to normalizing a mental illness sure seem like grooming to me.

In a shameless display of recruitment and brazen science-shucking, a trans teacher recently told a classroom full of first-grade students that doctors “guess” a baby’s gender at birth. But remember folks, there is NO GROOMING going on in the schools.

Call me a “bigot” but if my fiancé told me she wasn’t cheating on me then showed me a video of her cheating on me, I’d believe the video.

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A New Jersey school district isn’t hiding its agenda. Kids as young as the second grade are scheduled to be taught “gender studies,” including “identifying male and female genitalia.”

A New Jersey middle school teacher made its classroom watch a video called “10 Years on Testosterone,” about a woman taking testosterone to become a man. Parents were not notified.

If you want to see the five-minute video, it’s here:


Remember, if you oppose the insanity of your kids being groomed, you’re a caring parent bigot.

The one thing about the trans club I can’t understand is this: if they’re so comfortable becoming the other sex, why can’t they do it without pushing it on others? The screaming desire for attention seems to be a driving force for trans people. I don’t go around yelling “I’m straight!” Why not? Because no one cares.

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For a serious education of what the left is doing to our kids, check out PJ Media’s Megan Fox. She’s our go-to guide for all things groomy. She takes no prisoners.

The commie left is coming for our kids. It’s beyond time to fight back. Support free speech, conservative values, and real news by becoming a PJ Media VIP member! Don’t let the bolshies silence conservative news.

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