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A Victim Too Far: How Transgenders Will Bring Down the Lefty Marxists Who Want to Destroy America

A Victim Too Far: How Transgenders Will Bring Down the Lefty Marxists Who Want to Destroy America

(Scott Threlkeld/The Advocate via AP)

Moments after the Supreme Court gave gay people in the U.S. the right to marry, the left hurried to find a new lot of victims to promote. They decided to focus on a tiny group of people, mostly men suffering from a mental issue called “gender dysphoria,” people who believe they should be the opposite sex. Hence, a new crop of lefty victims was born, and that is the very first time we heard the word “transgender.”

Apparently, much to my surprise our nation had, according to the Williams Institute, roughly 700,000 men in dresses and women in men’s workboots, holding their urethras tight as they had no place to relieve themselves. Hence the Transgender Battle of the Bathrooms began.

FACT-O-RAMA! Bruce Springsteen canceled a concert in North Carolina because the state wanted people to use the restroom pertaining to their birth gender. Springsteen, when he isn’t getting a DUI or sleeping with another man’s wife, is quite the liberal prag and couldn’t see fit to perform in a state that allows such, as he put it, “bigotry.”

Today, trans people use the restroom of their choice, despite a complete lack of evidence that using the toilet of their birth gender is somehow dangerous, and a pile of evidence that suggests allowing trans men into the lady’s room is dangerous for women. Pssst, that last link leads to a story about 21 attacks by trans dudes against women in ladies’ restrooms.

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In the next step of ludicrous, trans-related codswallop, some hospitals in England (of course) are actually asking real, obvious men if they are preggers before undergoing x-rays and various scans.

FACT-O-RAMA! In 2017 England’s National Health Service changed a regulation requiring hospitals to question “females of childbearing age” to “individuals of childbearing potential.” The English government, always too obliging to stand up for themselves, even went so far as to allow Muslims to take over towns.

Asking a man if he is expecting a baby is insane to the sane but another victory for those on the left who spend every waking moment working to tear down freedom and replace it with Marxism.

FACT-O-RAMA! U.S. 2020 census takers were required to ask the gender of everyone they spoke with, even if that person was a man wearing a turban or a woman in a pencil skirt.

Transgendered people are foolish for thinking the left cares about them. Women fell for the same thing. The Democrats claimed they were all about “women’s rights” but tossed the babes under the bus when new victims, the transgenders, became the flavor of the day. Women now have no choice but to look at a “woman’s penis” in a spa or locker room. Don’t complain, ladies, lest you be punished. Did your daughter get booted off the team or lose a sports scholarship to a dude in pigtails? Suck it up, Sunshine. There is a new victim in town. Don’t worry ladies, Democrats will give you a little pro-choice lip service just before election day.

So let’s get this straight, doping is illegal in women’s sports but having a penis is ok?  —Professional Figure Skater Danielle Broussard

Remember, for the leftists, it was never about raising up the downtrodden, it’s was always about bringing Communism to the United States.

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I can see why needy, attention-starved, ultra-victimy people suddenly decide they are trans. The transgender walk on water in Western society. White, inner-city comedy audiences explode when a man in pigtails gets on stage and says, “SO I’m trans.” That same comic, I’ll call him Stillamanda, cries “bigotry” when suburban or rural audiences don’t erupt with validation. FYI Stillamanda, those other crowds don’t hate you, they just don’t care. No one applauds me for being straight.

Laws are changed to coddle the trans crowd. Sometimes they are skirted, as in the case where a trans high school boy anally raped a 14-year-old girl in Loudoun County, Va., and the school board decided to cover it up, allowing the miscreant to sexually assault another girl in another school. The students walked out of school, and who can blame them? If the grown-ups on the school staff in the school refuse to protect them, who will?

Let’s say you’re a mediocre male athlete and making no gains in men’s sports. What better way to get your name in the press and your mascara-covered face on a box of Wheaties than to disown your twig and berries and compete against women? Remember, those young, female athletes who have been practicing their sport since childhood won’t speak up. If they do, just call them a bigot. Problem solved!

You may be thinking, “Now hold on KDJ, you KNOW transgenders are constantly getting beaten up and killed by white boogymen in MAGA hats.”

No and no way. Anti-transgender crimes make up only 2.7% of hate crimes. Also, as I reported, the few transgendered people who are murdered (32 in all of 2020) are typically murdered by people of their own race, and most of them aren’t white.

Despite the coddling our nation has shown to men in drag, it’s never enough. Give trans dudes an inch and they want to cut off four more.

By now you’ve seen that the pro-trans crowd, not happy with their gains, are trying to groom and recruit kids as young as Pre-K to their side. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis decided that enough is enough and signed an anti-grooming law for the state of Florida. Who blew the biggest gasket? The world’s largest company dedicated to entertaining children: Disney.

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People are slow to stand up for themselves. Many people won’t fight tyranny. They will accept it up to the point where they are walking into a gas chamber. But for many Americans, the trans buck/doe stops when it comes to their children.

We all saw a Loudoun County, Va. dad get bloodied and arrested for demanding to know why the local school board let the aforementioned trans rapist, who assaulted his daughter, go on to assault another girl. Angry mothers, referred to as “mama bears” by normal people and “extremists” or “domestic terrorists” by the commie Biden admin, are standing up to protect their kids.

The problems aren’t just the loud, cry-baby libs we see on Twitter. The problems now are Western governments. England is paying doctors to prescribe gender-altering drugs. Gropey Joe Biden has endorsed helping CHILDREN change their gender and has threatened states who oppose his insane, Hitler-in-the-bunker-like decision.

STUPIDITY-O-RAMA! Biden is cool with kids deciding to have their penises surgically removed, yet one must be 18 to buy firecrackers, lest he blow a off a finger.

Pushing trans ideology onto kids is where the Marxists will lose. Americans are not sitting back as the left recruits our kids into becoming gender-free anarchists, which is their goal. Any parent not fighting to keep their kids free of Marxism doesn’t deserve reproductive organs, and those parents who embrace it are guilty of child abuse.

Women cyclists in England threatened to boycott a race if a chick with a d*** was allowed to race, and they won.

Comedians like Dave Chappelle, Alex Stein, and yours truly are fighting trans stupidity on stage and off. Check out Alex Stein below; this is great.

Western mankind, including Spain, England, France, Portugal, and before them the Romans, were conquerers on the battlefields and geniuses of engineering and science. We engaged in centuries of innovations, exploration, and expansion. When necessary, we defended our lives, homes, and culture against tyranny, even as late as the mid-20th century. Today, we sit on our hands and watch it crumble because we are afraid a man who looks like Marilyn Manson might call us a “bigot.”

Natacha Pisarenko

Cue up the wackjobs calling me a “white nationalist” or something stupid for not wanting to let hundreds of years of progress disappear in two decades because a tiny group of dudes in dresses aren’t comfy urinating next to another man. Progress, the loss of which would affect 330 million Americans of every race, color, and religion you can mention.

Watch this hilarious video from conservative videographer “Jokes and a Point” as he points out the lunacy taking hold in America, including transgender dudes in sports.

Now email, call, or tweet your representative and your senators. Keeping commie trans ideology out of our schools isn’t bigotry; it’s common sense, and frankly, it’s the survival of the United States as we know it.

Now email, call, or tweet your representative and your senators

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