When Joe Biden appeared before the press corps today, the intent was to clean up the mess he created in his trip to NATO this past weekend.

When Biden makes policy statements and reads from the teleprompter, Joe Biden usually doesn’t answer questions.  Today was different.  Today, it was obvious the White House communication team needed Biden to clean up his NATO statements.

The evidence for that is very clear, as someone was able to capture a picture of the talking points that were prepared for him to read.  One pre-printed response even reads, “I was not articulating a change in policy.”

(New York Post) –  President Joe Biden once again referred to a printed cheat sheet as he doubled down on his unscripted weekend claim that Vladimir Putin “cannot remain in power.”

On Monday Biden, 79, told reporters he made “no apologies” for his remarks — made off the cuff and not part of his prepared speech in a nationally televised address from Poland Saturday — and did not view it as a provocation to Russia.

“It’s more an aspiration than anything. He shouldn’t be in power. There’s no  — I mean, people like this shouldn’t be ruling countries, but they do. The fact is they do, but it doesn’t mean I can’t express my outrage about it.”

His comments closely aligned with notes printed on a small piece of paper that he was photographed holding in his left hand as he spoke that began as follows (read more):

No one has yet provided a good explanation as to why the Biden administration has a stage set of the White House in a studio across the street from the real White House.

The specifics of this Potemkin administrations are opaque, but everyone knows that it’s not Joe Biden making policy or executing these communication points. Biden is a puppet, that is not in question. The majority of his administration staff are from the Obama terms in office; that too is not in question.

The people who were behind Obama appear to be the same people pushing this Biden agenda.