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The prospect of incarceration is horrifying. I imagine that a large majority of men, if given the choice, would opt to be incarcerated in a women’s prison for a number of reasons beginning with safety. Until recently, that wouldn’t have been possible. But today, in what we might call the Shania Twain era (“Man…I feel like a woman!”), a transfer request is apparently all it takes.

In New Jersey, 27 men are being housed in a women’s prison, with predictable consequences.

Two women at New Jersey’s only all-women’s prison…

Evidently not.

…have both fallen pregnant after having sex with transgender inmates.

I.e., men. Otherwise they would not have gotten pregnant.

Prison bosses said that in both instances, the sex was consensual.

Again: utterly predictable. The inmates, whatever their faults, are evidently smarter than the bureaucrats who bought the “trans” line.

Edna Mahan houses 27 transgender prisoners, and over 800 women altogether. … An investigation has been launched.

This investigation could be really groundbreaking. If conducted by biologists, it might finally solve the age-old mystery of how women (actual women) get pregnant.

Edna Mahan, the only women’s prison in the Garden State, does not require transgender inmates to proceed with reassignment surgery in order to be housed at the correctional.

Yes, we had figured that out.

This is all, of course, a matter of “rights.”

The correctional facility began to house transgender women – including those that have yet to undergo gender reassignment surgery – last year.

That came as part of a settlement following a lawsuit brought by a trans woman and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of New Jersey.

ACLU legal director Jeanne LoCicero defended on Tuesday the policy, saying it ensured the rights of trans prisoners were not violated.

But these recent pregnancies were not the first signs of trouble:

In 2021, two Edna Mahan prisoners filed a lawsuit seeking for the gender identity policy to be revoked, after they were allegedly harassed by transgender prisoners.


The women also claimed the transgender inmates were engaging in sexual activity with cisgender prisoners.


In its current advanced stage, liberalism has achieved the feat of, not just being dumber than the average nine-year-old, but–this is the remarkable part–forcing the rest of our society to be, or pretend to be, equally stupid.

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