Tuesday, April 19, 2022

The Leftist Media Is Unglued Over Possible Elon Musk 'Free Speech' Twitter Takeover

The Leftist Media Is Unglued Over Possible Elon Musk 'Free Speech' Twitter Takeover

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The Left is having a meltdown over Elon Musk’s bid to buy Twitter, take it private, and overhaul it. But what the Silicon Valley crowd and G-5 high flyers really don’t want is Musk’s promise to restore “free speech” to Twitter. They can’t stand that. The Left doesn’t believe in free speech or the free exchange of ideas.

And since we’re not them and don’t agree with them much, we’re the enemy.

It’s a zero-sum game to them.

The freak out would be funny if it weren’t so disgraceful.

Just ask columnist Max Boot of The Washington Post, who bought hooker, line, and sinker the Trump Russia collusion hoax and cheered the Lincoln Project disinformation project. He’s now “frightened” of free speech and its “impact on society if Elon Musk acquires Twitter. He seems to believe that on social media anything goes.”

He then declared that what America needs right now is less speech and more censorship.

Attaboy, Max!

Looks like Max, whose parents escaped the Soviet Union in 1976 when he was seven, is longing for those old Pravda days. The totalitarian Left — but I repeat myself — doesn’t like “free speech” unless they’re in charge of defining it through their hand-chosen “fact-checkers.”

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The Left applauds censorship much the way their kindred in the anti-First Amendment Antifa shock troops do. The Twitter Left verbally “punch Nazis” (read: anyone who does not agree with their world view) and call it noble, just as Antifa violently raids, attacks, or shuts down free speech events and claims they’re getting rid of “Nazis and fascists” (read: anyone who does not agree with their world view).

They and their Jacobin buddies have left a trail of dead bodies from their “noble” exercise of authority over the acceptable narrative. Twitter was their “national razor” they could wield.

Elon Musk just pulled their card, and they can’t stand it.

They’re not the only ones freaking out.

As PJ Media colleague Chris Queen noted in his piece about the rebellion of the ones and zeros working at Twitter, “News reports cited employees who wished to remain nameless describing the conditions at Twitter headquarters as a ‘s**t-show’ because they were worried that Musk was ‘just getting started’ with changing the culture, including advocating for free speech and less censorship.”

Musk issued a statement saying he believes in Twitter’s “potential to be the platform for free speech around the globe, and I believe free speech is a societal imperative for a functioning democracy.”

It is verifiable that censorship of pro-Donald Trump/anti-Joe Biden stories by Twitter (and Facebook, too) before the 2020 election changed votes. COVID-19 stories encouraging lockdowns and forced vaccinations were not allowed to be countered by scientists who disagreed. They were labeled “misinformation” because the Left chose a side, and it wasn’t the side of freedom. The Left chose totalitarianism over First Amendment. Due to the scaremongering, election laws were changed to help Democrats flood the zone with “universal mail-in ballots” and no signature checking. And that doesn’t even count the nearly half-billion-dollar takeover of election offices by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg.

Now that’s a “s**tshow.”

Though much has been made over pre-woke Twitter being a free speech gold standard of some sort, it wasn’t and maybe it never will be, even with Elon Musk running it. I just know it used to be a helluva lot of fun and quite informative. Conservatives have abandoned Twitter and Facebook to start their own platforms, in light of the disgraceful censorship of Donald Trump right before the election and dumping other conservatives with differing ideas. Elon Musk’s move to acquire Twitter may, in fact, hurt these fledgling platforms, even one run by Trump friendlies.

But most fair-minded people who aren’t afraid to debate and exchange ideas won’t worry about it.

So let the debate begin on Twitter once again.


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