Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Is This a Serious Headline? The Media's Latest Attempt at Creating Another COVID Panic Is Beyond Pathetic

Is This a Serious Headline? The Media's Latest Attempt at Creating Another COVID Panic Is Beyond Pathetic

You can’t see it, but it’s killing you. COVID is back. It’s killing all the things in sight. Get 568 shots. Wear 450 masks at a time. Stay inside and wait for your 560th booster shot. This madness is over. No one cares. Unlike liberal America, everyone has learned to live with COVID. It’s endemic. It’s going to be here forever. Haven’t had COVID, you’re lucky. You might get it; you have the rest of your life to catch ‘rona. Others who’ve had it should be prepared to get it again. It is what it is, folks. It's the latest edition to cold and flu season; COVID will just be the third person at the party. It’s seasonal. Get over it. Take your stupid mask off. We have therapeutics and vaccines. The era of lockdowns is over. Philadelphia idiotically reinstated their indoor mask mandate. NO ONE followed suit which shows you where everyone is now. The upcoming 2022 elections have also played a part. 

Still, the media is out there doling out trash headlines about how there could be a COVID surge, but we just don’t know it. Excuse me? So, they’re saying the quiet part out loud. They’re just making it up. Be afraid of a virus that is so deadly…but we have no idea if there’s a spike. And these clowns wonder why everyone is sick of this circus. It’s damaged kids psychologically beyond repair. The mental health crisis for adolescents is going to be a nationwide epidemic, but at least they wore masks, right? Liberals’ abuse of children in schools over COVID shouldn’t shock anyone. These people think these little kids should have been aborted from the get-go anyway, but that’s a tale for another time. 

Check this piece of theater out:

The rise of COVID cases in some regions of the U.S., just as testing efforts wane, has raised the specter that the next major wave of the virus may be difficult to detect. In fact, the country could be in the midst of a surge right now and we might not even know it.

Testing and viral sequencing are critical to responding quickly to new outbreaks of COVID. And yet, as the country tries to move on from the pandemic, demand for lab-based testing has declined and federal funding priorities have shifted. The change has forced some testing centers to shutter while others have hiked up prices in response to the end of government-subsidized testing programs. People are increasingly relying on at-home rapid tests if they decide to test at all. But those results are rarely reported, giving public health officials little insight into how widespread the virus truly is.

“There’s always more spread than we can detect,” said Abraar Karan, an infectious disease physician at Stanford University. “That’s true even more so now than earlier in the pandemic.”

Despite groundbreaking scientific advances like vaccines and antivirals, public health experts say the U.S.’s COVID defenses appear to be getting weaker as time goes on, not stronger.

I can’t read the rest. We’re all sick of this crap. And when the GOP retakes Congress and Lord knows how many down-ticket races, like school board, this year—this whole ‘stay inside forever’ regime is getting smashed to dust. There’s a virus out there. Okay, what else is new? 

Life’s a bitch. Learn to live with risk.

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