Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Why You Need to Stop Worrying and Love Trump Again

Why You Need to Stop Worrying and Love Trump Again

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President Trump has been taking some flak from his own MAGA crowd lately, specifically for two reasons:

  • he verbally attacked Ron DeSantis, referring to him as “Ron DeSanctimonious.”
  • he pimped some digital trading cards, thus diverting attention from the video of his plan to save free speech, which I personally believe was his most powerful video in a long time.

It was understandable to get depressed over the midterms. Apparently, New York and Michigan didn’t get enough crimecommunismracismDemocrat-deep state collusion, and double standards over the last three years and voted for more. Ditto Pennsylvania, though Doug Mastriano–the die-hard pro-life gubernatorial candidate–was doomed from the start. Liberals will always want an escape hatch for their irresponsible sexual behavior.

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People tend to blame their leaders when they lose elections, and Trump took plenty of heat after the midterms. Political pundits and talk show hosts on the right have sworn Trump off. I’m here to tell you that, no matter how you feel about Trump today, get over it.

If you read my columns, you know I’m the dog barking at the commies lurking in the shadows. Trump himself stated that the Democrats have skipped socialism and gone straight to communism.

You should watch the video now:

Whatever your problem is with Trump, you need to get over it. Trump sees that our republic is in danger. He knows it’s now or never. The next “red wave” you hear about sweeping the nation might not be the kind you think it is.

Ron DeSantis is proving to be a great leader and seems to be fervently anti-communist. We don’t know yet if he is running. Also, he just took a purple Florida and made it blood red. Do we want him to leave the Sunshine State at this point? DeSantis is GOP money in the bank and likely will remain so for years. Let’s not play that card too soon.

Do you think deep-stater Mike Pompeo is going to save us from the globalist, bolshie surge slowly sweeping over the nation? Do you trust Mike Pence to… let me get back to you on this.

We know Trump can do the job because he has done it. He has also sacrificed tremendous wealth for the opportunity to lead us. Most importantly, he isn’t afraid. The lack of courage we’ve seen from the GOP is appalling. RINOs like Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham strike me as perfect specimens for a low-T infomercial.

You may not always like Trump, but you don’t have to. Legendary college basketball coach Bobby Knight was hated by his players and fans but he brought them championships. There are internet rumors that WWII General Patton was hated by some of his men despite a string of glorious victories. Now is not the time to worry about your feelings. There is too much to lose.

I see Trump as a real-life Han Solo; he is arrogant and sometimes obnoxious, but he is the guy that we all know can get the job done and save our republic. Your kids’ and grandkids’ futures are worth dealing with another four years of mean tweets.

You may be sick of hearing it, but I can’t say it enough: The communists are here and they won’t stop until they have it all. I like DeSantis, but as of now, I’m going with the guy who has proven himself. Get over your feelings and save the nation. If George Washington’s men could live outside in the harsh New England winters to fight for your freedoms, you can deal with Orange Man Bad for one more term, especially if it means another 100 years of constitutional freedoms. So talk to (insert name of suburban white woman you’re close to) and convince her to get back on the Trump Train. It’s now or never.


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