Sunday, December 25, 2022

The Principal Problem With Principles

 The Principal Problem With Principles

Elon Musk suspended some commie journalismers the other day for doxing him and boy, did they cry out about free speech when they were being censored and suspended. Of course, they cried out with cheers and laugher when we were being censored and suspended. Now most of them are back on the Twitter machine, but have they learned anything? No. They should have been taught more through the healing power of pain.

What happened to movies? There’s one out right now, the stupid Avatar sequel. I didn’t see the first one, except some clips, and it looked like a dumb woke cartoon. Remember movies? Remember when we used to go to the theater all the time? I do. I liked to. But I have not been to the movies since Top Gun Maverick (I enjoyed it) and before that I cannot even recall. I don’t think it is COVID that killed movies. I think it is wokeness and the fact that no one wants to make movies for adults anymore. 

It's almost Christmas and I have to wonder – do kids even do Christmas anymore? It was a thing in the Seventies when I was little. Is it really now?

You Have To Make People Without Principles Pay

These leftist creeps celebrated us being censored, then Elon censored them, and they screamed about free speech, and some of us supported them.


Stop trying to abide by your principles, unless you want to kill your principles. 

You see, the unstated and wrong premise is that if we demonstrate the value of our principles, like free speech, by defending them when the people who want to strip us of our rights suffer the consequences of their destruction of those principles, they will learn. But they won’t.

The lesson they will take away is there is no price for oppressing us, because there is no price for oppressing us.

They have to suffer. And then they have to beg for relief, which includes acknowledging their abuse of the subject principles. And they must demonstrate that they will not undermine those principles again.

Some conservatives lack the moral strength to hurt bad people. Pain teaches those too foolish or too evil to learn through other means, We should not seek to minimize or mitigate the consequences of their actions. If anything, we should amplify their misery. Our goal is to scare them into embracing the correct principles. And if that doesn’t work, at least they suffer.

Weakness disguised as principle allows these monsters to flourish and is a direct cause of the misery these bad people inflict on innocent conservative folks when the bad guys have power. You are not a good guy for trying to stop Elon Musk from banning the banners. You are helping our enemy to hurt innocent people.

Stop it.

Where Are The Movies?

I was out having BBQ with my friend who works in the movie industry and we got to talking about how the Christmas break used to be packed with amazing movies back in the day, that is, the Eighties. Yeah, old guys running their mouths, but we were right. 48 Hours. Beverly Hills Cop. Scarface. That’s just off the top of my head.

Every season you would have a bunch of cool movies to choose from. You would go to the multiplex again and again. There was always a choice, and you would see them all. It was great.

Now, the only thing out is that stupid Avatar sequel. Great – a woke cartoon. It looks stupid and it seems to be raking in slightly less money than expected. Imagine if people had a choice. They don’t. There’s nothing else.

I like going to the theater. Or liked it, back when I did it. I will again, given something to see. But I know that I am no longer the target demographic. I am not 18, I’m not an idiot, and I’m not going to watch PC crap.

Well, I can always look online. 

*opens Netflix*

*skims new releases*

*turns off Netflix*

I guess I can read a book. Or write another one – I just figured out the plot for Kelly Turnbull VII! If you can’t watch ‘em, write ‘em!

It’s Christmas, Right?

Of course, Christmas used to be a huge thing when I was younger, not just for me but for everyone, or so it seemed. Now, some years it’s a huge thing and some years it seems like people just want to grit their teeth and get through the holidays. I thought this would be a Big Christmas, but it seems like it’s not. There are fewer lights up, fewer displays at the stores, and generally less Christmas cheer. 

It’s sad. Christmas was always amazing (in part because my birthday is the day before). Maybe you lose some of the magic when you stop being a kid, but even in my twenties and thirties I still felt it. Of course, I live in Cali and there’s no snow – half the time I’m in cargo shorts – so you really have to work at the holiday spirit every year. But it all seems rather subdued in 2022. Maybe it’s the crashing economy and the general glumness from having so many unresolved problems in society. Democrat years are typically miserable.

Maybe COVID got us out of the habit. In any case, I hope we get the spirit back. Christmas is special and it should be treated as special, not a hassle to be endured or an excuse to get hammered on egg nog.

By the way, egg nog is disgusting.

Maybe this is my issue. 2022 has not been great and due to death and other factors everyone will not be home for the holidays. But I intend to make it a happy holiday regardless of the cost.

Merry Christmas.

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