Thursday, December 15, 2022

Dems At Crossroads With How To Handle House Republicans Investigations Against Hunter Biden

Dems At Crossroads With How To Handle House Republicans Investigations Against Hunter Biden

As House Republicans begin to launch investigations into Hunter Biden, Democrats are panicking for an array of solutions to keep his secrets in the dark. 

According to the Washington Post, there are two different strategies dividing the groups allied with President Joe Biden.

One strategy, which is being pushed by Hollywood attorney Kevin Morris, is to be aggressive. The other strategy would be to have the whole family just stay quiet about the situation. 

The second approach would give Democrat lawmakers time to dismantle the GOP’s investigations as baseless and partisan.

Discussed last September, Morris argued that Democrats need to get ahead of the situation and publicly defend Hunter Biden. He also said that two House Republicans may be potential witnesses against Biden: Tony Bobulinski, a former business partner, and John Paul Mac Isaac, a computer repairman who allegedly was in possession of Biden’s laptop. 

However, several Biden allies, including the White House disagree with this approach. The Biden Administration reportedly prefers for Hunter Biden to just stay out of the limelight, and getting aggressive could backfire. 

"No one thinks this strategy of putting Hunter Biden front and center is smart,” a Democrat involved in the situation told the WaPo. “No one, including the White House, thinks this is a smart strategy.”

The Left is starting to hit the panic button that Republicans can and will expose and take down the Biden family once they take over the House. 

“The meeting was a glimpse into a sprawling infrastructure that is rapidly, almost frantically, assembling to combat Republicans’ plans to turn Hunter Biden into a major news story when the GOP takes over the House next year," the WaPo said, adding “the risk for Hunter Biden, and possibly for President Biden as well, is that this hodgepodge of efforts is not fully coordinating and does not share a unified approach.”

On the other hand, the White House and DNC have reportedly “developed their strategies for dealing with what could be a political firestorm around the president’s son.”

Joe Biden hired Bob Bauer, who was the White House counsel under former President Barack Obama, to personally represent him if it comes to that.

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