Saturday, December 17, 2022

Hey Antifa, Who Are the Real Fascists?

Hey Antifa, Who Are the Real Fascists?

The recent revelations about the full-scale censorship of conservative thoughts, perspectives, opinions, and insights by Twitter are very telling. It confirms what everyone knew to be happening. But, to say so, you were branded as a conspiracy theorist. Now we know--contrary to the testimony of one Jack Dorsey--that Twitter, under his leadership, was doing something called "shadow banning." In essence, Twitter was enacting one of the fundamental tenets of fascism: suppression of political opposition. Why was that necessary? It’s simple; the truth cannot be challenged or confronted by progressive socialists, the real fascists.

Now, one must wonder, what does this mean for our very own domestic terrorist organization of Brown Shirts known as Antifa -- meaning anti-fascists?

If Antifa were true to its name, then they would be speaking out and protesting, perhaps enacting their well-known acts of violence against Twitter. It seems that this group would come to a revelation that they are on the wrong side of the political spectrum. Then again, do not hold your breath and think that will ever happen. Antifa is just a violent leftist tool used to implement fear, intimidation, coercion, and yes, violence, in order to subdue any ideological and political opponents into silence. This delusional and dangerous organization has been levied against the very standard of the rule of law in our republic, attacking law enforcement and those who would dare not agree.

It is quite interesting to look up the several sources of the definition of fascism. Wikipedia immediately castigates this as a right-wing movement. However, when one reads the definition in the Encyclopedia Britannica, you find a more in-depth explanation, with historical examples. The first example comes from fascist Italy and Benito Mussolini, then Adolf Hitler. Let us not forget that fascist Italy was allied with Nazi Germany. As a reminder, Nazi was short for National Socialist. Britannica goes on to lay out common aspects of fascist regimes: extreme military nationalism, contempt for electoral democracy (you know, like flooding a country with illegals and allowing them to vote), political and cultural liberalism (post-modern, not classical), a belief in the natural social hierarchy and the rule of elites, and finally, a desire to create a society where individual interests are subordinated to the good of the community (hmm, communism).

Recently, I spoke at the University of Iowa for the Young America's Foundation (YAF) and a young protester held up a sign that said, "punch a Nazi in the face." Pretty interesting, considering that young leftist college students embrace socialism, for which “Nazi” stands. But also, the real fascists are the ones who go around on college campuses ripping down the flyers of conservative speakers coming to their campuses, or, as in my case, the speakers who must be escorted by campus police. Consider that even Bernie Sanders, an avowed socialist, was welcomed to speak on the campus of the largest Christian university in the world, Liberty University, and you heard nothing about insidious protests or threats.

It is not just about what we have learned about Twitter, but remember how the other leftist social media platforms, enabled by Apple, destroyed a conservative platform called Parler. What we know to be true at Twitter is certainly happening at Google, its subsidiary, YouTube, and Facebook. How else can you explain certain videos just disappearing? 

Constitutional conservatives believe in individual rights and freedoms as enshrined in our Constitution, such as free speech and freedom of expression. We believe that everyone has the right to petition the government for a redress of grievances, and not be designated as domestic terrorists . . . such as we have seen with parents. But the real fascists are those progressive socialist leftists who do not share that belief. They will use ill-informed, misguided, “stuck on stupid,” masked, black-clad terrorists to suppress their opposition, as well as use of technology.

Conservatives are the real Antifa; we are the real anti-fascists. At American Constitutional Rights Union we are certainly anti-fascists. Those who were at Twitter, who are at Google, YouTube, Facebook, in the Biden administration, BLM, and running around in black, are the real fascists.

Why must fascists resort to these tactics? They must suppress opposition because they do not possess the intellectual rigor to defend what they believe in an open forum and debate.

Anyone undermining the First Amendment rights of Americans is a real fascist. Thanks to Elon Musk we know that was happening at Twitter. That is why the government wants to investigate him. Yet another aspect of fascism is totalitarianism.

Steadfast and Loyal.

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